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This is a flash card set reviewing key vocabulary from chapter 1-1 and 1-2 in your book.


Organized way to use evidence to learn about the natural world.


Study of the living world.


Information gathered from observations.


Educated guess based on observation.

Quantative Data

Data expressed with numbers (3 cm)

Qualitative Data

Data expressed with chracteristics (hot or cold)


Logical interpretation based on prior knowledge.

Independent Variable

The variable that is deliberately changed in an experiment. (It can also be called the manipulated variable)

Dependent Variable

The variable that changes in response to the independent variable (This is often the data that you collect) (It can also be called the responding variable)

Control Variable

A variable that is kept unchanged in an experiment.


A hypothesis that is very well supported.


Using the senses to gather information.

Redi's Experiment

Controlled experiment that demonstrated that maggots are not spontaneously created from meat.

Controlled Experiment

An experiment in which only one variable is changed or manipulated.


Process by which organisms try to maintain a stable internal environment.


Group of the same species living in the same place.


One living thing.


The basic unit of life.


Group of similar cells that perform a similar function.


Group of tissues that work together for perform specific functions.

Spontaneous Generation

The disproved hypothesis that living things can arise from non-living matter.

Pasteur's Experiment

Spontaneous generation is not correct. Showed that all living things come from other living things.

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