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Metanarrative of the Bible
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tetragrammeans GodDeuteronomysecond lawSuzeraina sovereign or state having some control over another stateLex Talioniseye for an eyeHow is Genesis structured?two partsimportant concepts of Genesis 1-3creationwhat are the two perspectives on age of eartgold earth and young earthwhat does it mean that man is made in the image of Godgod made humans to be like himwhat is the origin of sin in genesis 3adam and eve eating the fruitwhat happens in genesis 4 that shows the fall of mankindsin is introducedWhy did God send the flood?Man was so evil, he had to destroy themWhat is the Epic of Gilgamesh?The world's first Great literary work.What promises did God make to Abraham?bless him and all descendantswhat does God make with Abram in Genesis 5he father of many nationswho are abrams sons in genesis 15Isaac and Ishmaelwhat happens to Isaac in Genesis 22God made Abraham sacrifice IsaacWho wrestled with God?JacobWho are Isaac's sons?Jacob and Esauhow does Jacob cause problems with his familyhe favorites Josephwhy does God seem to allow Joseph to go through so much suffering and painto save other peoplewhy does Genesis record so many visions from Godwhere do Jacob's sons and their families live at the end of genesisegyptwhere are the people living at the start of exodusegypthow is exodus structure2 parts/may lawswhat is the significance of genesis 3 and the burning bushit's shows god wanting to destroy sinwhat do the plagues against egypt demonstrate about God and the gods of egyptgods thoughts of justice and judgements