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describe the concept of manifest destiny
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what type of government did the federalists supportweaker state governments, a strong centralized governmentWhat is the Emancipation Proclamation?an order from Lincoln that freed the slaves located in the rebelling statesGettysburg was the most important victory for the _____ during the civil warunionwhich land deal allowed the US to acquire the southern portion of AZ to be used for rail expansion, and marked the end of the continental manifest destinyThe Gadsen Purchasedescribe the economy of the southern coloniesPlantation based/ Farming based, slaverywhat political situation made Americans concerned about maintaining an equal number of slave and free states prior to 1850balance of power in the senatewhich of the following describes an abolitionista person who wanted to end slaverywhat were the main weaknesses of the government under the articles of confederation- congress did not have the power to tax - congress did not have the power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce - there was no executive branch to enforce acts passed by congressanti-federalists argue that the constitution endangered the independence of the ________stateswhat are the processes laid out in the constitution that prevent any one branch of the government from becoming too powerfulchecks and balances systemthe great compromise led to the creation of _____________bicameral legislaturethe landmark case Marbury vs. Madison established the concept of what?the principal of judicial reviewwhich American revolutionary figure became the leader of the democratic republican partyThomas Jeffersonwhat were the first two official political partiesFederalists and the Democratic RepublicansWhat was the major economic proposal of Alexander Hamiltona national bank in order to deal with nations debt to foreign powers and American's citizenswhich two men at the request of president Jefferson explored the Louisiana PurchaseLewis and ClarkWhat impact did the Louisiana purchase have on the size of the nationdoubled the size of the USwhat made Thomas Jefferson concerned about the Louisiana purchaseHow much power would be given to the governmentwhat were the causes of the war of 1812- British impressment of sailors - Interference of trade - Interference with settlement in the New Worldwho developed interchangeable parts and invented the cotton ginEli Whitneywhat impact did the cotton gin have on slavery and the cotton industryit increased the demand for cotton because more could be made and increased the need for slaverydescribe the Missouri Compromiseit kept the balance between free and slave stateswhat is a primary sourcefirst hand account of an eventwhen analyzing, reviewing, and interpreting a primary source, length of the source should be consideredFalsethe device which uses electronic pulse to create a series of dots and dashes to communicate over long distances was called a what?telegrapha documentary of the civil war best be described as what kind of sourcesecondary sourcehow did early ancestors of the Native Americans arrive North AmericanBering Land Bridgethe agricultural revolution in north America led tomore complex and stable societieswhich native tribe at one point occupied the modern-day Phx area?Hohokamwhich European country financed the voyages of Christopher ColumbusSpainwhat was the major reason Columbus embarked on his journey?goldthe transfer of plants, animals and microorganisms between the new world and old world is called?the Columbian Exchangewhat was the first permanent English settlement in north AmericaJamestownthe system whereby an individual, in exchange for passage to North America and food and shelter, agreed to a 4-7 year term of service was known as?indentured servitudewhat crop (commodity) was grown in abundance in the early VirginiaTobaccoThe religious group that settled in Massachusetts and believed that every worshipper should experience God directly through faith, prayer, and study of the bible were called?PuritansWhat are the three main aspects of mercantilism?acquiring as much gold as possible, having colonies, establishing a favorable balance of trade.why were there fewer slaves in the northern colonies?the northern colonies were more focused on industry and didn't have the right soil and climate to farm cottonthe religious revival that occured from 1740- 1750 in which preachers travelled from town to town, stirring people to rededicate themselves to God, is known as the?the first great awakeninga law that is written and approved but is never enforced, and when enforced people become upsetSalutary Neglectwhat was one of the ways the British paid for the French and Indian war?they tried taxing the coloniescolonists voiced their disapproval of English policy though this slogan: "no taxation without ______ "representationWhy was the battle of Saratoga important?it lifted Patriot spirits and showed France that Americans could win.general Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington's army at the battle of?the battle of YorktownWho was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?Thomas Jeffersonbefore the constitution was ratified, the American government and laws were laid out in the...the articles of confederationthis amendment provided voting rights to former slaves?15th amendmentthis amendment defined citizenship former slaves14th amendmentwho was the president of the confederacy during the American civil war?Jefferson Daviswhat was Lincoln's primary goal in reconstruction?to bring the rebelling southern states back into the Union on an equal footing with the other stateswhich of the following best describes sharecropping?landowners rent land to tenants, who raise crops and keep all the profits.the black codes werelaws passed by southern state legislatures to restrict the freedoms of black.this group used terror and intimidation to prevent African Americans from votingthe K.K.K clanwhat were the five component parts of 1850?1. California is a free state 2. New Mexico and Utah were each allowed to use popular sovereignty to decide the issue of slavery; people would pick whether the states would be free or slave. 3. The Republic of Texas gave up lands that claimed in present day New Mexico and received $10 million to pay its debt to Mexico 4. The slave trade was abolished in the District of Columbia 5. The fugitive Slave Act made any federal official who did not arrest a runaway slave liable to pay a fine.Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?Harriet Beecher StoweWho was John Brown?John Brown was an abolitionist who lead a raid on an arsenal to get weapons for slaves to fight back_____ was a case heard by the supreme court that stated "a negro whose ancestors were imported into (US) and sold as leaves..." was not a citizen, regardless of whether they were free or slave, and determined that parts of the Missouri Compromise were unconstitutional.the court case Dred Scott vs. Sandford rendered parts of the Missouri compromise unconstitutional.what event ultimately prompted South Carolina to secede from the union?The election of Abraham Lincoln as the president of the United States.list of advantages the north had over the south during the civil war.more soldiers, more factories, international recognition, established country.list of advantages south had over the northbetter generalthis war strategy proposed a blockade of confederate ports:Anaconda planwhat factors played the biggest role in the north's victory over the south?they had more man powerwhich reconstruction-era president narrowly escaped impeachment?Andrew JohnsonThis amendment ended slavery13th amendment