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  1. Subordinating conjunctions
  2. linking verb
  3. definite articles
  4. coordinating conjunction
  1. a introduce subordinate clauses--- clauses cannot stand alone as complete sentences.
    ex.after, because, if, so that, than, when, and while.
  2. b links the subject of the sentence to a word in the predicate., is, was, were,appear, become, feel, look, remain, sound, and taste, express conditions.
  3. c connects words or word groups that have equal importance in sentence.
    ex. FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
  4. d refers to a specific person, place or thing or idea
    ex. THE

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  1. name of a particular person, place, thing, or idea
    ex. California
  2. connects words or groups of words
  3. names more than one person, place,thing, or idea
    ex. trees
  4. names one person, place, thing, or idea
  5. shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word in the sentence.
    ex. about, before, by, during, on, and under

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  1. adverbsis a word used to express an action, a condition, or a state of being.


  2. verbis a word used to express an action, a condition, or a state of being.


  3. interjectionis a word or phase that expresses a feeling
    ex. Wow!


  4. indefinite articles(a and an) refer to the unspecified members of groups of people, places, things, or ideas.


  5. compound noungeneral name for a person, place, thing. or idea
    ex. state