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T/F Life expectancy varies due to socio-economic status and the country in which one lives
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Which of the following is NOT a source of maladaptation?
Misunderstanding the connection between a behavior and its biological consequences.
Changes in the environment that can make prior adaptations inappropriate.
Costs of exploiting a resource can accumulate over time.
Elite or powerful individuals can manipulate others against their reproductive interests.
All of the above are possible causes of maladaptation
Which of the following claims is NOT true about differences in lifespan in different species?
Birds have longer lifespans than mammals of the same size
Smaller dog breeds have longer lifespans than large dog breeds
Animals with short lifespans tend to be iteroparous reproducers
Primates have longer lifespans than non primate mammals of the same size
Caloric restriction has been shown to increase lifespan in many species.
The environment of evolutionary adaptation (EEA) ...
is the past environment which favored the evolution of a particular trait.
includes the entire prehistory of hominin evolution.
is the ecological context of the australopithecines.
is restricted to the period of hominin prehistory before the appearance of language.
is whatever environment a species currently finds to be most supportive.
Lifespan is basically what happens in life; aging patterns, life expectancy is how long an average person is expected to live. Lifespan hasn't changed recently (if it had, we would assume things like menopause happening later, etc.. happening), but life expectancy has increased rapidly due to better technologies etc
Lifespan is the expression of the biological aging pattern of the species (how rapidly and at what average age different organ systems decline in functionality in a given species). Life expectancy is the average age that individuals in a species tend to die. Life expectancy has changed the most in recent years.