COMD 4560 exam 6

In this sentence, the relative clause is in bold: I see the dog that bit my brother. This relative clause modifies the:
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Convert this active (voice) sentence into a passive (voice) sentence: The boy kissed the baby.The baby was kissed by the boyThis language form of school includes understanding words such as: globe, number, book, alphabet, sound and the ability to understand and ask academic questions:Language of academic subjects(True/False) As a general rule, we would not expect a child's speech and language abilities to be better than the models he is exposed to at homeTrueThis language form of school is a language of control, as the teacher dictates who can talk, on what topic, how the student can say it, when and where to talk:Language of behavior managementTrue/False) Read this sentence: "I see my big red candy apple on the plate." In this sentence, the noun phrase includes a post-noun modifier.TrueWhen the plural -s morpheme is added to a noun and you produce the plural -s as either /s/ or /z/, depending on the noun's final sound, is an example of:Morphophonemic alterationTrue/False) During school years, verb phrase expansion occurs most often through the addition of the copula main verb to be.FalseThis quantitative measure calculates the average number of words per sentence to analyze spontaneous language samples of school aged students:Sentence lengthThis quantitative measure calculates the average number of clauses per sentence to analyze spontaneous language samples of school age students:Causal densityDuring school years, verb phrase expansion occurs most often by the addition of:Modal auxiliariesTrue/False) As the child matures through the early school years, his definitions progress from personal, experience-based understandings, to more socially shared understandings.TrueTrue/False) Phonics skills include decoding regularly spelled words, reading nonsense words and using the sound-symbol relationships to decode words and then speak or write the words.TrueTrue/False) According to Piaget's Stages of Intellectual Development, the child in the Formal Operations stage is a concrete thinker.False(True/False) Written language skills are not highly correlated with academic success.False(True/False) SLPs play a direct role in literacy development for children with communication disorders because children with oral language deficits often have difficulty learning to read and writeTrueThe child who understands about 24,000 to 40,000 single words is in this age range:8years to 11 yearsThis is the ability to move a conversation forward by making a comment that adds new information or by asking a meaningful questionTopic maintenceThe most dramatic changes in language development during the school years are in how the student:uses language to relate and to manipulate othersWhat is this an example of?Competition model All responses are correct✔️A dramatic increase in this ability occurs between 5 years to 8 years of age and plays an important role in reading comprehension:Metalinguistic awarnessThis is a later acquired phonological awareness skill:using knowledge of sounds to spell wordsAs the school age child uses language for manipulation, learns the art of narration and uses vocabulary and speech styles specific for a social setting, he demonstrates:All other responses are correctThis describes a group of skills that include the ability to manipulate the sound structure of a language and includes segmenting sentences into words, multisyllabic words into syllables and syllables into sounds.Phonological awarnessWord finding is a two-part process that includes:Word stage and word retrievalThe Syntagmatic-Paradigmatic shift anticipates that when a preschooler is given the word happy in a word association task, he'll say:BabyAn increase in sentence length during the school years represents growth inSyntactic developmentThese factors are more crucial in the child's literacy development than in the child's emergence of speech:Environmental factorsPeople who live in glass houses should not throw stones, is an example ofA proverbDuring this stage of writing development, the 10-year old writes differently than the way she talks, in that she uses more sophisticated grammar in writing than in speaking.DifferentiationAdding new semantic features to a word meaning results in greater differentiation of that word from other words is known as ___ expansion:HorizontalThis conversational ability requires the speaker to figure out how much background information his listener knows about a new topic of conversation:PresuppositionThe third element of story grammar is:internal responseThe growth of knowledge about the relationships between words results in deeper word meanings is known as ___ expansion:VerticalThe Syntagmatic-Paradigmatic shift anticipates that by 10 years of age, when a child is given the word happy in a word association task, he'll say:GladAn increase in clause density during the school years represents growth in:Syntactic complexityThere is a strong interdependence between ___ development and ___ development that explains the development of word meanings and conceptsCognitive and semanticThe ability to think about language and manipulate the structural components of language independently of the meaning conveyed by the message describesMetalinguistic awarnessWhen the listener becomes confused and requests a clarification, it is the speaker's obligation to:Make a conversational repairWhat type of word definition is this: A shoe is an outer covering for the human foot typically having a thick or stiff sole with an attached heel and an upper part of lighter material (such as leather).DictionaryThis refers to the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are developmental precursors to reading and writing, beginning from birth through preschool:Literary socialization periodThe most abstract and complicated type of word definition is:DictionaryWhen a writer takes into account the audience and selects a literacy style that is most appropriate for the project, he is using a process called:Self regulating writingStudies have shown a direct link between the development of phonological awareness and:All the other responses are correctAn adolescent speaker maintains a topic of conversation by:Adding new informationBy age ___, true narratives emerge in which the plot becomes clearer and there is a definite resolution of the central problem.8The stages of writing, in order from first to develop to last to develop, are:preparation, consolidation, differentiation, integrationComplete comprehension and use of nonliteral language does not occur until:AdolescenceAn interested adult can increase the toddler's awareness of printed language by:All the other responses are correctAfter the age of ___ the child's indirect requests are more likely to be influenced by her sensitivity to her listener's situation8yearsThe adolescent speaker learns how to ___ conversations by moving from one topic to a different, but related, topic.ShadeCrocodile tears is an example of:An idiomThe following is/are associated with growth of single word expressive vocabulary after age 8:All responses are collectThis is an early acquired phonological awareness skill:Rhyming wordsNonliteral form of language used to describe something by comparing it with something else describes:Figurative languageWhich indirect request is likely to be the most difficult for the preschool child to understand?Shouldn't you put your coat on?