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How many people is Africa home to?

740 million

What is the rainforest that covers a large part of central Africa and is almost completely surrounded by mountains?

Congo Basin

What is the largest desert in Southern Africa?


What is the mountainous region located near the horn of East Africa?

Ethiopian highlands

What is the broad level area of land that is located in north central Tanzania and extends east of the southeastern shore of Lake Victoria?

Serengeti Plain

What island is located about 240 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa?


Why do you think Namibia's northeastern boundary is shaped the way it is?

to provide access to the Zambezi River

Where are the capital of Guinea, Senegal, and Gambia located?

The are all located on the boarder of the Atlantic Ocean

Which country has a large area of highland climate?


If you traveled north from the equator, which climate regions would you pass though?

Tropical Rain Forest
Tropical Savanna
and Highlands

Which climate regions would you pass through if you traveled south from the equator?

Tropical Rain Forest
Tropical Savanna
Main West Coast
Humid Subtropical

How do farmers appear to have adapted to environmental conditions in arid and semiarid areas?

Irrigation particularly along rivers like the Nile River

What are some countries that appear to have mostly traditional economies?

and many others

How widespread is subsistence farming in Africa? What might this indicate about Africa's level of development?

It is very widespread. This indicates that Africa is not very developed

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