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Digital Media Art: Photoshop Basics

The basic tools. shortcuts, and terminology of Photoshop for Mr. Needles Media Art and Studio Art classes.

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An image that displays a picture image as a metric of dots, or pixels on a grid.
An image that is mathematically calculated object composed of anchor points and straight or curved line segments.
The smallest square of color used to display an image on a computer screen.
The setting for the degree of clarity, detail, and sharpness of an image. Is express / measured in the number of pixels (dots) per square inch (dpi).
Resolution for print
300 dpi is standard
Resolution for web
72 dpi is standard
A smaller, standard, compressed format of saving files which does not preserve layers.
A larger, uncompressed format that preserves layers.
Ctrl + A
The shortcut for 'select all'
Ctrl + C
The shortcut for 'copy'
Ctrl + V
The shortcut for 'paste'
Ctrl + Z
The shortcut for 'undo'
Ctrl +/-
The shortcut for 'zoom in' and 'zoom out'
[ & ]
The shortcut for decreasing or increasing brush size
Magic Wand
A selection tool that selects all of a tone or color.
A selection tool that will sample an exact match of color for you.
Paint Bucket
A fill tool which places the foreground color in a selected area.
Move tool
A cursor tool with a adjacent cross which moves selections, layers, and guides.
RGB Mode
A color mode used in most desktop printing
A color mode used in professional printing, magazines and newspapers.
Dodge tool
A tool which makes an area lighter
Burn tool
A tool which makes an area darker
The black and white color mode in Photoshop
Pixel blurring that occurs when you make a file with low resolution larger
Spot Healing Brush
A tool that removes blemishes and other imperfections in an image.
A graphical representation of the distribution of lights, medium tones, and darks in an image.
An adjustment tool which can move and stretch the brightness and darkness levels of an image histogram.
An add on to the brush tool that allows a soft spray similar to actual spray paint
Crop Tool
A tool is used to shave off unwanted areas at the edge of a digital image
Marquee tool
A selection tool based on shape