Turbine Operations Review 2

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The root of turbine blades attached to the turbine disc are what design.__________
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The turbine section, blades, nozzles, and discs are cooled with _________________ air through internal passages.compressor and diffuser bleedLess blade area is required in multiple stage turbine applications. True or falseFalseReaction type turbine blades, the stator vanes are a ______________ duct design.Straight_______% to __________% of air leaving the compressor section supports the combustion process.25% to 35%Variable geometry exhaust nozzle are installed on ALL aircraft turbine engines. True or falseFalseSecondary air around the combustion liner is used for ____________ the combustion gasses, and keeping the burning gases _______________ in the combustion liner.Cooling, centeredThe ___________-____________ annual combustor has decreased efficiency because the air flow is required to make 180 degree turns within the engine.Reverse-flowThe area between the rotor blades in a impulse type turbine blades is _______________StraightHush kits (sound suppressors) permit exhaust gases to ___________ with ambient air.mixSubsonic designed exhaust nozzles form a ________________ shape at the second half of the outer cone.ConvergentPrimary purpose of the turbine nozzle convert the gas heat and pressure energy, and ______________ onto each stage of turbine blades.directs gas flowThe _________ exit, and _______ exit are the two types of thrust reversers.pre, postThe combustion chambers are cooled by _____________ air entering through the holes on the sides and rear of the combustion chambers.secondaryThere is no change in air velocity across an impulse type turbine blade design if a constant airflow was introduced across the blades. True or false.TrueThe succeeding stages in a multi-stage turbine engine operate at lower velocities, pressures and temperatures. True or false.TrueThe loudest noise in a turbine engine is caused in the _____________________ section by the air being cut across the blades.engine inlet (compressor section)Impulse-reaction turbines create a uniform exit ________________ from the blade base to tip.velocity__________ ______________ is a technique used to change the internal structure and material properties of metals.heat treatmentMetals in the hot section of a turbine engine are ceramic coated to seal the base metals to protect from corrosion, carbonizing, reduce _____________ ___________ and insolate against high temperature.Erosion/wear__________________ increases and velocity decreases in the tail cone section of the exhaust duct.PressureThe impulse, reaction and _____________ - _______________ are the types of turbine blade design.Impulse- ReactionLarger burner area is one of the advantages of the ______________ flow combustion chamber.AnnularFOD, ingestion, Hot exhaust gas re-ingestion, and ____________ _________ can happen if thrust reversers are operated at low speeds.compressor stallsEach turbine stage consists of a ___________ and ____________rotor and nozzleReduced vibration and loss of airflow across the turbine blades are prevented by _______________ turbine blades.ShroudedThe liners in the ____________ ___________ type combustor can be easily removed and replaced during routine maintenance.Multiple canReaction type turbines use Newton's ____________ law of motion3 rdThe _______ _________ at the inlet of the combustion liner reduce the axial velocity, and increase the radial velocity of the airflow entering the combustion liner.swirl vanesThe ____________ __________ combustor requires the least cooling airannular (through flow)The ____________________ in both the multiple can, and can-annular combustors provide flame propagation during engine starting.InterconnectorsThe ________ ___________ combustion section consists of individual liners, and one outer liner.Can annularThrust reversers are generally operated/powered by either ______________ or ________________ systems.hydraulic or pneumaticA ___________ -_____________ exhaust nozzle are incorporated in aircraft capable of supersonic. flight.Convergent-Divergent