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Harun Al-rashid

most famous of Abbassid Caliphs; renowned for costly living; death led to civil wars' over succession


Regional splinter dynasty of the mid-10th century; invaded and captured Baghdad; ruled abbassid dynasty under the name of sultan; abbassids were their figureheads

Seljuk Turks

nomadic invaders from central asia via persia


series of military adventures intitially launched by western christians to free holy land from Muslims


Muslim leader in the last decades of the 12th century; reconquered moste crusader out-posts for Islam


persian poetry consisting of 4 quatrains


Wrote many books and studied the Quran and Islamic law intently


orthodox religious scholors within islam


Brilliant islamic theologian; struggled to fuse Greek and Quranic traditions; not entirely accepted by Ulama


mystics within islam; responsible for expansion of Islam to SE asia


Central Asia nomadic peoples

Arabic numerals

Characters 0-9 in general european use since 12th century


Emporer of Northern India; Buddhist convert in Hindu Era


Buddhist word meaning awareness or skillfull attentivness

Bhaktic cults

hindu groups dedicated to gods and goddesses


portuguese factory or fortified trade town located on the tip of malayan peninsula


the arabic word for western north africa


christian kingdom thta developed in highlands of eastern africa under the dynasty of king lalaibela


the extensive grassland belt at the southern edge of the sahara

Mansa Krankan Musa

emperor of Mali during the 14th century


professional oral historians who served as keepers of traditions and advisors to kings within Mali empire


port city of mali


a gift from God :)

East africa trading Post

trading post in east africa

Ibn Batuta

Arabic traveler who described African societies and cultures in his travel records

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