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Bone tissue cells

osteogenic cells (osteoprogenitors), osteoblast, osteocytes and osteoclast

Osteogenic cells (osteoprogenitors)

produce new cells; stem cells →osteoblast


create more bone mass and make bone (matrix)→osteocytes


mature bonecells →bone maintance


bone resorption (breakdown)→different origin than other bone cells; release calcium


calcium salt and collagen (protein)


compact (dense) and spongy (cancellous)

Two types of spongy bones

periosteum-surround "outside" of bone and endosteum-surround "inside" of bone

Compact (dense) bone basic unit (building block)


Compact (dense) bone central canal

blood vessels; respond to nerve

Spongy (cancellous) bone basic unit (building block)


Spongy (cancellous) bone central canal

nerve tissue

Bone development & growth

intramembranous ossificaiton and endochondral ossification

Intramembranous ossification

messenchyme → bone (produce bone); occur relatively EARLY in development

Endochondral ossification

cartilage→bone; occurs relatively LATE in development

What bone is used for

Calcium homeostasis

Endochondral ossification happens until you stop growing around age _____or ____

20 or 22

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