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incoming money

writs of assistance

allowed customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods


a formal expression of opinion


rag figure representing an unpopular individual


to refuse to buy items from particular country


the act of not importing or ?


to cancel an act or law


information designed to influence opinion

committee of correspondence

an organization that used meetings, letters, and pamphlets to spread political ideas through the colonies


groups of citizen soldiers


militia volunteers who could be ready to fight at a moment's notice


a colonist who did not consider unfair taxes and regulations sufficient cause for rebellion


a colonist who was determined to fight the british until America won its independence


a formal request


an introduction

Sugar Act

lowered the tax on molasses important by the colonists

Stamp Act

placed a tax on almost all printed material in the colonies- everything from newspaper

Tea Act

gave the company the right to the ship tea to the colonies without paying most of the taxes usually placed on tea

Coercive Act

very harsh laws intended to punish the people of Massachusetts for their resistance

Townshed Act

leaders tried to avoid some of the problems the Stamp acts

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