Q4_2e Unit 1 Listening 1


Terms in this set (...)

acknowledge (v.)
to accept that something is true
address (v.)
to think about a problem or a situation and decide how to deal with it
aspect (n.)
a particular part or feature of a situation, idea, or problem
criticism (n.)
the act of expressing disapproval of someone or something
exemplify (v.)
to be an example of something
expert (n.)
a person with special knowledge, skill, training in something
favoritism (n.)
giving unfair advantages to the people who you like best
issue (n.)
an important topic that people discuss or argue about
negotiate (v.)
to try to reach an agreement by formal discussion
outline (v.)
to give the most important facts or ideas about something
potential (n.)
the possibility of happening or becoming something
staff (n.)
the group of people who work for an organization