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Advent Automobiles Inc. has launched a new sport utility vehicle (SUV). It's advertising firm develops a marketing message and places advertisements in leading newspapers and on social media sites to inform consumers about the new SUV and its various features. In the context of the communication process, Advent Automobiles is the ___________
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Advent Automobiles Inc. has launched a new sport utility vehicle (SUV). It's advertising firm develops a marketing message and places advertisements in leading newspapers and on social media sites to inform consumers about the new SUV and its various features. In the context of the communication process, Advent Automobiles is the ___________
Wild Plus, a television channel dedicated to wildlife, wanted to promote its new wildlife adventure series. The series was given wide coverage in newspapers and on television after the channel promoted it, which created awareness about Wild Plus and led to a large viewership. In this case, Wild
Plus engaged in
Advertising can affect the way consumers rank a brand's attributes.TrueWhich of the following is true of advertising?It influences attitudes, beliefs, and ultimately, consumers' purchases.Impersonal, one-way mass communication about a product or organization that is paid for by a marketer is calledadvertisingWhich of the following statements is true of pioneering advertising?It offers consumers in-depth information about the benefits of the product class.Which form of advertising promotes the benefits of a specific good or service?product advertisingA rebate is a certificate that entitles consumers to an immediate price reduction when the product is purchased.FalseLaPizza is a restaurant that recently implemented a new system to identify and gather information about its regular customers. It rewards these customers by giving them gift coupons and cash prizes. This practice is an example ofCustomer relationship managementWhich of the following is involved in defining the sales goals of the salesforce?Assigning quotas to salespeopleWhich statement is true of traditional selling?Minimal effort is placed on asking questions to identify customer needs.Salespeople selling in foreign markets should tailor their presentations and closing styles to each market.TrueUnlike advertising and sales promotion, in personal selling, responses are provided only to the questions and objections that the copywriter thinks are important to customers.FalseWhich of the following is a sales practice that involves building, maintaining, and enhancing interactions with customers to develop long-term satisfaction through mutually beneficial partnerships?relationship sellingA sales manager at a consumer durable goods manufacturing firm instructs his new salesperson, Rita, that she must identify ten potential customers and sell five flat screen televisions per week. This directive from the sales manager is referred to as Rita's _____.quotaIn personal selling, cost per contact is much greater than for mass forms of communication.TrueIn social media, negative comments and complaints can illuminate unknown brand flaws.TrueTraditional advertising provides more sophisticated methods of measuring how marketers meet and interact with consumers than social media does.FalseWhich of the following statements is true of social commerce?It relies on user-generated content on websites to assist consumers with purchases.Milan, a marketing manager of a pharmaceutical company, opens dialogues with stakeholders by giving them compelling content across a variety of media. Which social media objective does his actions illustrate?Build relationships and awarenessThe first action a marketing team should take when initiating a social media campaign is:establish a listening platformPosting comments and ratings and reviewing products and services on blogs and forums are activities of which category of social media users?criticsWhich of the following refers to a publicly accessible web page that functions as an interactive journal, whereby readers can post comments on the author's entries?blogWhich of the following processes is used in social media monitoring?sentiment analysisMicrotargeting is an effective tool for online retailing.TrueFull-line discounters typically carrywide assortments of merchandise that are shallowAround the world, most retailers are independent, with each owner operating a singular store within a local community.TrueWhich factor is considered the most critical in determining where customers choose to shop?Merchandise selectionTarget markets in retailing are often defined by demographics, geographic boundaries, and psychographics.TrueA large discount store that specializes in a single line of merchandise and becomes the dominant retailer in its category is called aCategory killerWhich of the following is a case of brand cannibalization?A tea manufacturer introduces a new brand of tea that eats into the sales of an existing tea brand in its product mix.Which of the following is true of the current retail industry?Most retail businesses employ less than 50 people.A ________is everything, both favorable and unfavorable, that a person receives in an exchangeProductProducts that are unknown to the potential buyer or a known product the buyer does not actively seek are calledunsought productsProducts that are relatively inexpensive items that merit little shopping effort are calledconvenience productsParticular items for which consumers search extensively and are very reluctant to accept substitutes are calledspecialty productsA _______ is a company's assortment of product lines and individual product offerings.product mixThe number of different product lines an organization offers is the company'sproduct mix widthA modification to a product that changes the taste, texture, sound, smell, or appearance is aStyle modificationA product modification intended to improve the dependability and durability of a product is aQuality modificationCompanies may manufacture products that become outdated before they actually need replacement. This is called ______.planned obsolescenceThe elements of a brand that cannot be spoken are called the ______.brand markThe exclusive legal right to use a brand or part of a brand isTrademark protectionBrands offered exclusively by a retailer that are manufactured by a third party are called ______.captive brandsCo-branding can take several forms. _______ identifies the part of the brand that makes up the product.ingredient brandingPackages that are easy to transport and stock on shelves are a result of which objective of packaging?Facilitating the storage, use, and convenience of productsWhen a company wants to appear as a local brand in a foreign market, it would likely choose which of the following global brand strategies?Different brand names in different marketsA(n)________ is a written guarantee about the quality, abilities, or performance of a product that is communicated by the manufacturer or seller.Express warrantyServices can't be touched,consumed, or felt in the same way as goods. This is an example of ___________IntangibilityServices can't be stored, warehoused, or inventoried. This is an example of _______.perishabilityServices tend to be less standardized and uniform than goods. This is an example of _______.heterogeneityThe consumer must be present for the consumption of services. This is an example of _______.inseparabilityThe ability to provide prompt service is an example of which component of service qualityresponsivenessCaring, individualized attention is an example of which component of service quality?empathyThe ability to provide physical evidence of the service is an example of which component of service qualitytangiblesIn the gap model of service quality, the gap between the service quality specifications and the service that is actually provided is called _________?Gap 3In the gap model of service quality, the gap between what customers want and what management thinks customers want is called _______?Gap 1A factor affecting product service strategy is ________level of customizationA factor affecting place (distribution) strategy is ________convenienceA factor affecting service promotional strategyStressing tangible cuesWhich of the following are factors related to product strategyLevel of customization, the nature of the core service and supplementary services, the service mixWhich strategies are used to build relationships when marketing servicesSelling in bulk, memberships, and loyalty programsOffering employees of a service company benefits such as flextime, on-site daycare, and free food are examples of _______.internal marketingWhich of the following best describes a non profit organizationAn organization that exposes to achieve a goal other than earning a profitWhich of the following would support the ability of a service company to expand worldwideHigh global brand awareness