Which of the following statements characterizes the operations of the Bank of the United States in the twenty years after it's 1791 chartering?
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By the 1830s, most laborers in the urban Northeast lived in which type of residences?Crowded boardinghouses and tiny apartmentsIn the cotton-growing regions of the south, which of the following was true of the gang labor system of work?Gang-labor depended upon the work of white overseers and black drivers.Between 1820 and 1860, the number of patents issued by the U.S. Patent office rose from two hundred to six thousand a year.FalseEli Whitney invented the mechanical reaper and this innovation increased the speed of wheat production.FalseBetween 1790 and 1860, white planters moved or sold more than________ enslaved people from upper to the Lower south.1 millionBetween 1800 and 1848, the new cotton-growing lands of the American southeast became some of the most valuable real estate in the world.TrueBy the 1820s, British-born artisans had replaced Spanish immigrants at the cutting edge of technical innovation.FalseBeginning in the 1820s, profit-seeking cotton planters in the cotton south stopped using the rigorous gang-labor system.FalseThe wealthiest families began to consciously set themselves apart, and many American cities became segregated communities divided geographically along the lines of class, race and ethnicity.TrueThe increased number of farmers, mechanics , manufacturers, merchants, and skilled professionals contributed to a decline in the middle classFalseWhy did Alexis de Tocqueville mean when he used the term individualism to describe American society in 1835?Americans lived in social isolation, without any ties to caste, class, association, or family.Which of the following statements characterized the relationship between church and state in post revolutionary America?Most states continued to support churches indirectly by not taxing their property or minister's incomesWhat was the Second Great Awakening that took place in the United States in the nineteenth century?A long-lasting religious revival that made the United States a genuinely religious societyRalph Waldo Emerson wrote about which of the following In his essays and lectures?He argued that people should reject old conventions and discover their original relation with nature.Which of the following is improperly paired?Walt Whitman-leaves of grassWhich of the following describes the nineteenth-century Shakers?They allowed both women and men to govern their communities.Which of these factors contributed to the tremendous increase in commercialized sex in the new cities of the mid-nineteenth century?The subsistence wages and exploitative conditions of women's jobsWhich of the following factors contributed to the rise of anti-immigrants sentiment in American cities in the mid-nineteenth centuryMinstrel showsWhich of the following was a result of the Turner Rebellion of the 1830sTougher slave codes and restrictions were implemented.How did woman participate in the abolition movement in the mid-eighteenth century?Woman abolitionist established influential groups such as the Philadelphia Female anti slavery societyWhich of the following describes the political developments taking place in America during the first two decades of the nineteenth century?Ordinary white men's rising political status was accompanied by a decline in the political rights of women and free blacks.Which of the following statements describes the extent to which parents exercised control over their children's marriages in the United States in 1800?Because land holdings shrank, parents lost leverage over their children's choices of marital partners.In the early republic, Benjamin Rush and other leaders argued that woman should be educated so they could do which of the following?Oversee the instruction of their sons in the principles of liberty and government.The proposed 1819 tallmadge Amendment articulated which of the following economic plans?The gradual emancipation of slaves in MissouriThe Missouri compromise prohibited slavery in which of the following regions of the Louisiana Purchase?All the lands north of latitude 36°30′ except for the state of MissouriWhich of the following statements characterizes the American political system directly after the American revolution?Notables managed local elections through their personal connections.How did president Andrew Jackson change the federal system of office holding?Jackson introduced the principle of rotation in office to discourage long tenure.The South Carolina exposition and Protest written by John C. Calhoun, bore a similarity to the argument made by which of the following people.Jefferson and Madison in the Kentucky and Virginia ResolutionsWhich of the following was the primary function of the second Bank of the United States?To stabilize the nation's money supply by forcing state banks to convert their paper money periodically into gold and silver coinWhich of the following statements characterizes Andrew Jacksons intentions toward native Americans during his presidency?Jackson meant to remove all Native Americans east of the Mississippi, even those who had adapted to white society.Which of the following describes John Tyler and his presidency?He so angered Whigs that he was kicked out of the party while president.Which of the following statements characterizes the American party system by the early 1840s?The practice of Americans voting for a particular party along ethnic and religious lines began to emerge.Lacking support from either blacks or whites, the American Colonization society was a dismal failure, transporting only 4000 African Americans to LiberiaFalseAdam's assembled a coalition of congressmen that voted for Clay, and clay repaid Adam's by appointing him Secretary of StateFalseJackson's main priority was to destroy Clay's American System.TrueMost free blacks rejected the idea of colonization as contrary to republican principles and because they viewed themselves as American CitizensTruelacking support from either blacks or whites, the American colonization society was a dismal failure, transporting only 4000 African Americans to Liberia, a colony it established on the west coast of Africa.FalseThe election of 1824 had three candidates who called themselves RepublicansFalseAdam's hated the American System proposed by Clay and it's three key elements: protective tariffs, federally subsidized transportation improvements, and a National bank.FalseJacksonians called themselves "Democrats" or "the democracy" to convoy their egalitarian message.TrueWhich of the following statements describes the institution of slavery in the nineteenth century south?About 5 percent of southern whites owned 50 percent of the South's slave population.Which of these factors created a major economic obstacle for small, family farmers aiming to improve their lot in the mid nineteenth century south?The cotton revolutionWhy did states decline to annex Texas in 1837President van Buren feared that annexation would spark an American civil war over the issue of slavery.Which of the statements describes the relationship between the economies of the north and south in the mid nineteenth century?The wealth of the industrializing north east was increasing more quickly than that of the south.Which of the following examples embodied the synthesis of African and American culture that excisted in the south in the 1850s?Black evangelical ChristianityWhich of the following statements characterizes African American marriage customs in the slave south?Slave couples often followed the African customs of jumping the broom to signify their unionWhich of these factors promoted many plantation masters to reduce reliance on violence and adopt positive incentives to motivate slaves in the 1830s and 1840s?Abolitionist scrutinyWhich of the following statements characterizes blacks resistance to slavery by the 1820s?b. In their situation, most blacks had no choice but to build the best possible lives for themselves.From 1818 until the early 1840s, the Oregon Territory was administered under which of the following arrangements?Great Britain and the United States controlled it jointly.Which of the following statements characterizes American settlement in California before the mid 1840s?American settlement in California was fairly sparse in this period.By 1816, there were 246 state-chartered banks with $68 million in banknotes in circulation?.TrueThe Panic of 1819 was sparked by bad banking policies and a 30 percent drop in world agricultural prices.TrueBy 1820, state governments created a republican political economy, the commonwealth system.TrueCongress approved funds for a National Road constructed of compact gravel from Maryland to Illinois.TrueThousands of skilled mechanics from Great Britain emigrated to the United States illegally.TrueThe ideal of the self-made man became a central theme of American popular culture.TrueThe election of 1824 had six candidates who all called themselves RepublicansFalseClay assembled a coalition of congressman that voted for Adam's , Adams repaid Clay by appointing him Secretary of State.TrueHow did the appearance of canals and steamboats in the United States affect the flow of goods and information during the 1830s?The canals and steamboats drastically cut most travel and communication time.