sales management

1. establish policy concerning responsibility for recruitment & selection
2. analyze the job & determine selection criteria
3. find & attract pool of applicants
4. develop & apply selection procedures to evaluate applicants
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conduct a job analysis, write a job description, develop a statement of job qualificationsfirst activities in recruitment and selection processwhat are the two sources for collecting info about the job content1. current occupants 2. sales manager1. nature of product or service 2. type of customers 3. specific task 4. relation between job occupant and other positions 5.mental and physical demands 6. environment pressuresjob descriptionKlein Institute for Aptitude Testing notes the following common characteristics:1. Instability of residence2. Failure in business in the last two years3. unexplained gaps in employment record4. recent divorce or martial problems5. excessive personal debitsales people who failmost used source for recruitingcollege campuses1. Company employees have established performance records, and they are more of a known quantity than outsiders.2. Internal recruits require less orientation and training because they are already familiar with the company's products, policies, and operations.3. Recruiting from within can bolster company morale, as employees become aware that opportunities for advancement are available outside of their own departments or divisionsBenefits of internal recruitment