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how many parts of speech?


3 signal words a noun will follow?

a, an, the

noun that names a group?


names a PARTICULAR person, place, or thing?

proper noun

noun that names an object perceived by the senses?


"table" is a ____ or ____ noun

common or concrete

suffixes for nouns include:

-ance, -ness, -ity, -hood

pronouns that ask questions


this, that, these are what kinds of pronouns?


pronouns that do not refer to a definite person, place, or thing


reflexive and intensive pronouns end in:


verbs that help make a statement?

helping or linking verbs

five common linking verbs referring to the senses

feel, look, smell, sound, taste

help the main verb express action or make a statement

auxiliary or helping verbs

subject complements

predicate nouns, pronouns, adjectives

appear, grow, seem, remain, stay

linking verbs

is, were, had, will, ca, should, might

linking verbs

common verb endings

-en, -fy, -ate, -ize

adverbs commonly end in the suffix:


adverbs tell:

how? when? to what extent? where? an action is done

almost, now, and very are ____ even though they do not end in -ly


adjectives answer:

what kind? which one? how many?

adjective complement that modifies the subject of the verb

predicate adjective

a, and, the are:


ouch! is an example of a(n):


and, but, for, or, yet

coordinating conjunctions

correlative conjunctions are used in:


introduce adverb clauses

subordinating conjunctions (after, till, unless)

a preposition never appears:


the noun or pronoun at the end of a prepositional phrase:


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