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the fluid mosaic model of membrane structure

membrane structure and function
what is the fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane?
the fluid mosaic model of a cell membrane structure consists of a variety of individual protein molecules moving and shifting withing a fluid bilayer of phospholipids
intrinsic proteins
are proteins which span the width of the membrane
extrinsic proteins
are those proteins which are confined to the outer or inner surface of the membrane
a conjugated protein in which the nonprotein group is a carbohydrate
a lipid that contains a carbohydrate group
what is the role of glycoproteins and glycolipids in cell membranes?
acts as the chemical receptors of the cell
a lipid in which one of the three hydroxyl group of glycerol is replace by a polar phosphate group
what is the role of phospolipids in cell membranes?
is the basic structure of cell membranes
role of cholesterol in cell membranes?
is required to build and maintain cell membranes; it regulates membrane permeability and fluidity over a wide range of temperatures.
what is cholesterol?
a steroid alcohol C27H45OH that is present in animal cells and body fluids, regulates membrane fluidity, and functions as a precursor molecule in various metabolic pathways and as a constituent of LDL may cause atherosclerosis —
the role pf proteins?
1. as structural materal strenthening thye cell mebrane
2. as carrier molecules, transporting substances across the membrane
3. enzymes which catalyse metabolic reactions near the the cell membrane