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psy mod 1 & 2 quiz

The definition of psychology presented in your textbook is
the systematic, scientific study of behaviors and mental processes
Behavior is to mental processes as ________ is (are) to ________
thoughts; actions
The four goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict, and
The ________ approach studies how our genes, hormones, and nervous system interact with the environment to influence behavior and mental processes
As the professor hands him the exam, Andre thinks to himself, "Oh, if I don't do well on this exam, I'll lose my scholarship. And if I lose my scholarship..." Andre is clearly worrying about his performance. This is an example of the ________ component of test anxiety.
Rob has taught his dog to roll over on command by rewarding the dog with food whenever she exhibits the appropriate action. Rob's approach to teaching his dog tricks is similar to which psychological perspective?
Seth claims that Juan's anxiety originates from unresolved sexual conflicts residing in his unconscious. Seth's observation about Juan is most consistent with the ________ perspective.
The ________ approach emphasizes looking at the whole, rather than the sum of its parts.
Franklin suffers from schizophrenia and requires medication. The best person for Franklin to consult would be a(n):
Which of the following pairs of profession and degree is correct?
clinical psychologist--Ph.D
Given the percentages presented in your textbook, which of the following settings would be most likely to employ psychologists?
a mental health clinic
Changes in self-esteem through puberty and adolescence would be studied by what type of psychologist?
Psychologists who support the nature argument would likely investigate
Dr. Howarth is studying a personality test and has concluded that the test is invalid. He is most likely a specialist in
A psychiatrist has a(n) ________ whereas a psychologist usually has a ________.
M.D., Ph.D
A psychologist searching for the brain structure responsible for a specific disorder is probably using the ________ approach.
About ________ of psychologists are in private practice or therapy settings.
Behaviorists are wary of any data that:
all of these; is based on speculation, cannot be observed, is from mental processes
Functionalism is most often associated with which of the following early psychologists?
William James
Structuralism is most often associated with which of the following early psychologists?
Wilhelm Wundt
In the past, psychology has shown discrimination to what groups?
both of these; women, minorities
The ________ approach attempts to explain human behaviors and mental processes by using concepts such as adaptation and natural selection.
Which of the following approaches would be concerned with the effects of rewards and punishments?
Which of the following psychologists conducted work on the biased nature of intelligence tests?
George Sanchez
Which of the following types of therapists would be most concerned with personal growth and intrinsic worth?
A psychologist meets with a patient, asks him many questions about his childhood and how people respond to his current behavior, then decides to have an MRI done of his brain. This psychologist is using which approach?
Mary Calkins was denied her Ph.D. from which institution?
Harvard; Columbia
The fewest number of psychologists work in:
secondary schools
The structuralist ________ is often considered the father of psychology.
Wilhelm Wundt
Which psychologist was the first black woman to get a Ph.D.?
Inez Prosser
Of the following symptoms, which is not present in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
Ritalin is to ____ as aspirin is to ____.
attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; headache
The diagnosis of ADHD is difficult because:
it is based on behavioral symptoms and not medical tests
Marcus wants to accurately assess students' attitudes toward the cafeteria food on his college campus for his psychology research project. What research method should he use to collect this information?
Which of the following surveys demonstrates the most biased sample?
a random cross-section of American males asked for their attitudes toward male contraception
A(n) ____ is a strong belief about future behavior that can affect the behavior so that the belief appears to have predicted it.
A person suffering from anxiety predicts that he will make a fool of himself at a social gathering and, in fact, he does. A psychologist predicts that students in his morning class invariably outperform those in his afternoon class and, in fact, they do. What do the anxious person and the psychologist share in common?
they both produce a self-fulfilling prophecy
A psychologist is concerned that a colleague's research is yielding a certain type of finding because the colleague expects that finding. The psychologist suspects the effect of:
A treatment that resembles medical treatment, but has no real effect is termed a: