DAT Organic Chemistry

Exothermic Reaction
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infrared sprectroscopy below 1300 is what region?-finger print regionChirality (does or does not ) have plane of symmetry-carbon atoms that is bonded to 4 different atoms or groups. -does notR/S notation which one is in the back of the plane R is (clockwise or counterclockwise )and called? S is (clockwise or counterclockwise) and called?-1 highest(I) -2(Br) -3(Cl) -4 lowest (H) example -4 -Rectus, clockwise -Sinistrus, counterclockwiseEnatiomers a mixture of 50;50 for both enatiomers is called----and will not rototate of polarized lightnonsuperimposable mirror images, one will rototate to left other will go to the right, difficult to seperate -racemic mixtureDiastereomersstereoisomers that are not mirror images, easier to seperate then enatiomersmeso compound (total opposite)multiple chiral centers -optically inactive -have plane of symmetrythree types of conformationalanti 180 most stable (opposite) gauche 60 syn 0 least stable (look the same)