The first understanding of disease processes occurred in the
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The parent of a 6-year-old who is having problems in school shares with the school nurse that the school nurse that she took her child to the pediatrician, and he said he is suffering from PTSD. She tells the nurse she does not understand because she has only heard of PTSD in association with soldiers after combat, the nurse would best reply
The person who interprets the message is called theReceiverA form of verbal communication iswordsWhich of the following behaviors by your patient indicates a willingness to communicatefaces toward youThe purpose of transcultural nursing is toPromote patient satisfactionWhen a person migrates to another country and takes on the practices of the dominant culture, this is consideredAssimilationA 70-year-old-patient admitted to the nursing home speaks with a distinct accent. To determine his cultural or ethnic origin, you wouldAsk him directlyDifferences in skin color, as seen i different races, are thought to be the result of differences inClimate and skin pigmentationThe best time to introduce racial and ethnic tolerance isEarly ChildhoodA nurse notices that a Jewish patient on her unit in this room lighting a sabbath candle on Friday night. The culturally sensitive response by the nurse would beLet me find out if you can light this candle in the chapel downstairs"When caring for a patient from a different culture, the health care worker should respect the fact thatmale and female roles are often influenced by cultureA nurse understands that cultural values and practicesAre passed down through generationsThe key to understanding how a client responds to illness is understanding his or herCultureWhich of the following is a similarity found in all culturessocial controlsThe most important symbol in a culture isLanguageWhich of the following gives a culture stability and security overshared traditionsThe patient has a 2-year-old-child and asks how she can instill good discipline. You would tell her to:offer several choicesTwo common bonds that hold a family together areattachment and commitmentReproduction provides the family with a means ofsurvivalA 30-year-old, is being discharged from the hospital after being treated for depression. The nurse has encouraged the family to spend time together because this will lead toCohesivenessAfter birth, a child is given immunizations as a way ofproviding protection against current infectious diseasesWhich of the following is an accepted method for the nurse to explain to parents on how to discipline their toddlerRedirecting the child's actionsFreud's psyche receives its energy from theLibidoA patient regularly goes to the mental health clinic. He has a history of personality disorder with childlike behavior. This can result fromUnrestrained id dominanceWhen a young man attempts to go to see a new movie that just opened, he is turned away as the tickets are all sold out. He responds, "it doesn't really matter, the movie was probably overrated by the reviewers." The young man is probably: a. Repressing b. Regressing c. Rationalizing d. CompensatingRationalizingthe zygote contains genetic information from the parents. It is represented by a total of:46 chromosomesA brown-eyed pregnant client asks the nurse if she could have a blue-eyed child. The nurse is correct if she respondsThe brown-eyed gene is dominant, and the blue-eyed gene is recessiveThe emotional bond between a mother and her newborn infant is calledAttachmentOn assessment of the newborn, which of the following findings would indicate congenital hip dysplasiaAn extra gluteal fold in lower extremityMeconium is best described asThick, green-black fecal materialThe nurse is performing a physical assessment on a 2-day-old newborn. Which of the following findings should the nurse immediately report to the doctorNo urinary output since birthThe nurse is performing a physical assessment on a 2-day-old infant has been diagnosed as having physiological jaundice. His parents ask the nurse what could cause this to happen. The nurse statesDestruction of excess red blood cellsIN the newborn, the skull bones are separated bysuturesAfter examination of the umbilical cord in the delivery room, the nurse considers it normal if he findsTwo arteries and one veinThe nurse evaluates a 1-year-old child and recognizes that, which of the following is a sign of concern and should be reported to the physicianFailure to sit at 7 monthsDuring pregnancy, mother and fetus are linked through a structure called the?PlacentaA patient is worried that her 2-1/2-year-old has not grown in the past few months. The best response by the nurse would be"It is normal for growth to be slow at this time"At what age can a child climb the stairs two feet at a time?2 yearshand dominance is not determined until15 monthsBladder training can be usually accomplised by age?3- 1/2 years oldAfter and during toilet training, accidents should be handled:In a matter-of-fact wayThe mother of 2-1/2-year-old Jamie is concerned that he is still sucking his thumb and wants to know if he can harm himself. The nurse responds by telling her"It may cause malpositioning of his teeth"The average per year weight gain during the preschool year is5 to 7 poundsWhich of the following table skill is present at age 4Applying butter to breadSA sign of maximum fine motor development in 5-year-olds is that they are able toprint their nameYou would expect a 5-year-old to walk down the stairsUsing alternating feetAt what age is a child expected to have 20/20 vision3 yearsWhich of the following assessment findings in the preschool child would be considered normalHeart rate 90-100As 6-year-old enters school, you would expect which of the following accomplishmentsDeciduous teeth being replaced by permanent teethRespirtory infections increase in school-age children because of:Increased exposure to other childrenThe caloric intake of the school-age child is determined byactivity and metabolismA patient is instructed at the health clinic to limit her 9-year-old intake of saturated fatsDairy productswhich of the following is not an accomplishment of children ages 4 to 6they begin to grow their deciduous teethThe goal of school age is to provide:self-satisfactionyour neighbor is disscussing a problem with her 7 year oldsupport and encourage him to talk each day to copesecondary sex characteristicsincreased activity of sweat glandsthe average blood loss during menstrual flow is30-60 mLfeeling of self-doubt in the teenage years can be stimulated byinability to select a goalthe teens need for freedom and independance may result inmoving away from the family and homePuberty is best defined as the period in which:The body prepares for reproduction.the most common type of hearing losshigh frequencyAs a part of a pulmonary function test, the doctor measures the vital capacity. Vital capacity is the lungs' ability to:move air in and outthe motivating force for the adult learner isrecognitionwhich of the following has the highest risk of heart disease40 year old whose intake of fat is 50%a 38 year-old cmplians of insomniaexercises in the early afternoonresistance exercise is usually recommended in health promotionincreased muscle massa patient has her yearly pap smearthe patient has atypical cellsa 42 year old has a history of periodontal diseaseperform proper dental careself-absorption when seen in middle ageunresolved generativitythe period of the middle-age is often depicteddecline in functionassociated with middle adulthoodaccelerated motor activitya slight increase in blood pressureloss of elasticity in the heart musclewhat is true of the relationship between middle age aged adultsagging parents become dependant