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Gross Anatomy Neck Lecture 1 swimabm

neck anatomy flashcards
Where are the vertebral artery and vein located in the neck?
They travel through the foramen transversarium
What is different about cervical transverse processes?
they are BIFID
What is another name for C7?
Vertebra prominens
Origin of the anterior and middle scalenes
Transverse processes of cervical vertebrae
Name of the most superficial muscle of the neck, used in facial expressions
Platysma innervation
CN VII (facial)
Most superficial fascia of neck
Investing fascia
Fascia containing trachea, esophogas, etc
Visceral/Pretracheal fascia
Fascia surrounding vertebral column and intrinsic muscles
Prevertebral layer
The axillary sheath arises from what fascia layer
Prevertebral fascia
Trapezius innervation
CN XI motor, C2 proprioreception
Sternocleidomastoid innervation
CN XI motor, c2 proprioreception
spasms of SCM
Boundaries of posterior triangle
middle third of clavicle, SCM, trapezius
Floor of posterior triangle
Splenius capitis, levator scapulae, anterior and middle scalenes, poster scalene
4 cutaneous nerves of the posterior triangle
lesser occipital, great auricular, supraclavicular, transverse cervical
Dermatomes of the neck
Veins of the poseterior triangle
external jugular (medial), subclavian (inferior)
a central line can be started where?
Internal jugular vein between the heads of the SCM
nerves found in the posterior triangle
Spinal accessory, dorsal scapular, long thoracic, phrenic, Roots and trunks of brachial plexus
What intrinsic muscles are located directly on the vertebral column in the neck?
Function of the scalenes
flexion and lateral bending of neck
Branches of the thyrocervical trunk
Suprascapular, transverse cervical, inferior thyroid.
The nerve to the geniohyoid and the nerve to the thyrohyoid run with what nerve?
Name the infrahyoid muscles
omohyoid, thyrohyoid, sternohyoid, sternothyroid
innervation of thyrohyoid
Nerve to thyrohyoid (c1)
innervation of omohyoid
ansa cervicalis
Innervation of sternothyroid
ansa cervicalis
innervation of sternohyoid
ansa cervicalis
The ansa cervicalis superior root comes from which spinal nerve
the ansa cervicalis inferior root comes from which spinal nerve
Great auricular nerve roots
c2, c3
Transverse cervical nerve roots
c2, c3
supraclavicular nerve roots
c3, c4
phrenic nerve roots
c3, c4, c5
what can be found at C6?
pharynx to esophagus
larynx to trachea
middle cervical sympathetic ganglion
What can be found at c4?
Bifurcation of the carotid artery
Laryngeal cartilages from superior to inferior
hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage
site for an emergency intubation (oral blocked)
cricothyroid ligament (called a cricothyroidectomy)
spinal levels of Hyoid, thyroid, cricoid
(C3) (C4,C5) (C6)
Which cartilage forms a complete ring?
Boundaries of the carotid triangle
SCM, superior belly of omohyoid, posterior belly of digastric
Boundaries of Submandibular triangle
mandible, anterior belly of digastric, posterior belly of digastric
Muscular triangle borders
Superior belly of omohyoid, midline, hyoid bone
Submental triangle borders
superior belly of omohyoid, hyoid bone
What does the carotid body have receptors for?
chemoreceptors for CO2 and O2.
where can you find the carotid body?
Over the bifurcation of the carotids
What nerves make up the carotid reflex?
Vagus motor, Glossopharyngeal sensory
what major nerve innervates the larynx
Branches of the vagus in the larynx
Pharyngeal branch of vagus, recurrent laryngeal nerve, superior laryngeal n, external laryngeal nerve
Cricothyroid innervation
external laryngeal nerve
Sensory to Larynx below vocal fold
recurrent laryngeal nerve
motor to intrinsic muscles of larynx
Recurrent laryngeal nerve
What intrinsic muscle of larynx isn't innervated by the recurrent laryngeal
Cricothyroid innervation
external laryngeal nerve
Motor to pharynx
pharyngeal branch of vagus
what nerve is deep to the superior thyroid artery?
External laryngeal nerve
features of carotid triangle
CN XII, ansa cervicalis, bifurcation of carotids, N to thyrohyoid
Superior laryngeal artery branches from where?
Superior thyroid artery
what nerve runs with superior laryngeal a?
internal laryngeal n
what nerve runs w superior thyroid artery?
external laryngeal nerve
What ganglion is associated with CN III
ganglion of CN VII
Pterygopalatine, Submandibular
Ganglion of CN IX