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the standards by which we judge our actions


that which is good


that which is bad


that which is not good or bad


a life lived as Jesus did in word and action

Sanctifying Grace

grace given at Baptism to wipe a away original sin

Actual Grace

supernatural help of God that helps us choose to do good

Catholic Moral Theology

a science that enables the human mind to make correct moral choices guided by the magisterium (human and divine side)

Sacred Tradition

the living and growing truth of Christ not only in the scriptures but in the common teaching, life, and worship of the church


name given to the teaching authority of the Pope and the bishop that are in communion with them


the establishment of loving relationships among humans, God and creation so that life can flourish as God intends


a condition in which people have put obstacles in the way of loving relationships preventing life from flourishing as God intends


basic goodness of humans that comes from always being loved by god


willing the good of another

Free Will

the ability to choose what to do


choosing or seeking things for ones self in a way that ignores the good of others and causes suffering

Original Sin

refers to Adam and Eve's rejection of their humanity as created in God's image


a disposition to kindness and compassion


God becoming human, show God's desire to be with humans in their suffering


the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled

Signs of the Times

the church's responses to the world flows out of its interpretation of those realities


poeple that are forced to the outside

Common Good

good of all people, social condition

Survival Rights

Rights needed to survive

Thrival Rights

Rights you have to thrive


What is God's moral standard for us?

Determines what is good and evil.

How does God help us live up to his standard?

Sacred Experience

a guide to live out

Other Sciences

Philosophical effects, antrhopology, psychology, medicine and laws

issue of morality(human side), theology-study of God (Divine Side)

What are 2 aspects of Catholic Moral Theology

Genes determing decision, immortal soul, created by God (perfection), body and soul are united

How one's concept of humanity shapes one's morality

creating relationships is a moral standard

How are justice and morality related?

We as humans messed it up

Why is there suffering in the world?

Humans are Good(dignity)

basic goodness of humans that comes from always being loved by God

Humans are made to be loved and love(relationship)

Humans are made to love and be loved

Humans are free (Free Will)

the ablilty to choose what to do

Importance of Incarnation

God becomes human

to end Justice

Jesus mission of earth

last shall be first

How Jesus love transformed society

Importance of Resurrection

gives you belief that it is possible to end suffering

Ideas build on events and developed

How did modern Catholic Social Teachings develop?

What were the signs of the times?

Industrious Revolution, Enlightenment, Socialism, Capitalism

Rerum Novarum

This papal document defended private property, religious education, and condemned socialism and Marxism

Society to be like KOG

Rerum Novarum

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