Chapter 1&2

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Why is the Study of head and neck anatomy important for a dental professionals?
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What section cuts through any median plane? (Use both terms)Mid sagittal section/median sectionWhat section cuts through any horizontal plane? (use both terms)Transverse section/horizontal sectionWhat section cuts through any frontal planeFrontal section/coronal sectionIs every patients and atomic structure consistent and the same as other patients?The structures can vary from patient to patientWhat is the smooth elevated area between the eyebrows termed?GalabellaWhat part of the auricle is found anterior to the external acoustic meatus?tragusWhat part of the auricle is found posterior to the external acoustic meatus?antitragusWhat is the bony socket of the eyeball termed?orbitWhere are the lacrimal glands located and what do they produce?Behind each upper eyelid deep within the orbit; produce lacrimal fluid/tearsThe facial region inferior to each eye and lateral to the nasal region is termed?infraorbital regionThe facial region that overlies the cheekbone is termed?zygomatic regionName the structure where the upper skull Forms a joint with the lower jaw.TMJWhat region contains the soft tissue of the cheek and in what part of the face is it located in relationship to the nose, mouth, and ear?buccal region ; lateral to nose Lateral to mouth medial to earWhat muscle is used when a patient clenches his or her teeth together?masseter muscleWhat is the darker appearance of the surrounding skin of the lips termed and what is the width in relationship to the eyes?Vermillion border Should be the same distance as that between the iris of the eyesWhat is the transition zone that outlines the lipsmucocutaneous junctionWhat is the vertical groove on the skin superior to the midline of the upper lip termed And what is inferior to it on the termination of the midline of the upper lip?philtrum ; tubercle of the upper lipStructures closest to the tongue are termedlingualStructures closest to the palate are termedpalatalStructures closest to the Inner cheek are termedbuccalState two terms that can be used to describe structures closest to the facial surface or lips.facial/labialWhat membrane lines The oral cavityoral mucosaThe gum tissue tightly adhered to the bone around the roots of the teeth is termed?attached gingivaThe line of demarcation between the firmer and pinker attached tissue and the deeper and redder movable tissue is termed?mucogingival junctionThe tissue along the margin of the gums is termedmarginal gingivaThe inner surface or space between the tooth and gums is termed?gingival sulcusWhat is the tissue between the teeth termed and what tissue is it an extension of?Interdental papilla, attached gingivaThe midline ridge of tissue on the anterior part of the roof of the mouth is termed?median palatine rapheWhat is the small bulge of tissue on the roof of the mouth lingual to the maxillary anterior teeth?incisive papillaThe firm irregular ridges of tissue on the anterior of the roof of the mouth are termed?palatine rugaeThe softer posterior part of the roof of the mouth is termedsoft palateWhat dense pad of tissue is just distal to the last tooth of the lower jaw?retromolar padWhat are the small elevated structures located on the surface of the tonguelingual papillaeWhat is the side of the tongue termedlateral surface of tongueWhere are the foliate lingual papillae located And how do they appear?The lateral surface of the tongue; they appear as vertical ridgesWhat is the V-shaped grooves on the surface of the tongue termed and which way does it point and also why is it hard to see clinicallySulcus terminals, points to the back of the throatA small pitlike depression found at the point of the V-shaped groove is termed?foramen secumWhere are the circumvallate lingual papillae located and how do they appear?Along the anterior side of the sulcus terminals. Large mushroom shapedWhat is the underside of the tongue termed and what are its large blood vessels termedVentral surface of the tongue; lingual veinsWhat is each fingerlike projection lateral to the large blood vessels on the underside of the tongue termedPlica fimbriata