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What does the Pardoner tell us in his prologue that is unexpected?

He tells us the theme before he even begins the story

What is the theme of his of his tale?

"Greed is the root to all evil"

What did the three rioters see as they were drinking in the tavern?

Funeral procession

Who is being buried?

One of their old friends

What did the boy's mother warn his about?

Plague has taken many lives and he should be ready to face death at any time

What did the three friends decide to do?

To search for death and kill him

How might their drinking have affected their judgment?

Would have realized that death was not a real person and would have felt invincible

How is the old man's behavior different from the rioters?

Nice, respectable, treats them kindly whereas they are rude and disrespectable to him

Why does the old man want to die?

He cant find anyone to exchange their youth for his old age so its time to die

What is the old man's complaint about their treatment of him?

Supposed to treat elders with respect and one day they'll be old and want to be treated with respect unlike they are to him

What do the rioters accuse the old man of being?

A spy for death

Where does the old man tell them they will find death?

Under an oak tree in the grove

What do the rioters find underneath the tree?

8 bushel baskets full of coins

What plan does one of the rioters propose?

Wait to move it at night, draw lots to go get food and drink, other two will stay behind to guard money

Who wins the draw?


How do the two friends plan to kill the third?

One will play wrestle while the other pull the dagger and stabs him and they will both stab him so they cant be blamed because they are equally guilty

What idea does the devil put into the young man's mind?

To put poison in the food and keep all the money

Why does the devil have influence over the young man?

He's drunk and he has already stole

What does the young man ask the druggist to give him and what reason does he give for needing it?

Poison to kill rats and a polecat

What does the young man do with the poison?

Puts it in 2 of the 3 bottles of wine

What happens to the young man when he returns to the tree?

They kill him as planned and then drink the wine and die

What does the Pardoner say the young men "received their due"?

Because they all plan to kill each other and that is a sin

Why does the Pardoner remind the pilgrims that they may die at any time?

So that they would give them money for pardon and indulgences

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