DAT Quantitative Reasoning

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1) Any number raised to the power of 1 is equal to itself
2) The number 1 raised to any power is equal to 1
3) Any number raised to the power of 0 is equal to 1
4) Add exponents to multiply powers of the same base number
5) Subtract exponents to divide powers of the same number
6) Multiply exponents to raise a power to a power
7) If multiplied or divided numbers inside parentheses are raised to a power it is the same as each individual term raised to that power
Scientific notation going to the left? going to the right? the higher the exponent the larger or smaller it is?writing it in the shorter form -positive -negative -largerWhen adding signed number If they have the same sign---(-2)+(-2) If they have different sign----(-7)+(+3)----(+10)+(-2) When subtracting signed number ---- (+21)-(+13)-just add and keep the sign, -4 -subtract, keep the sign of the large number, -4, +8 change the sign of the number after the minus and follow the addition rules. (21)-(-13)= +8When multiplying signed numbers Always positive if signs are always negative if sign are if there are odd number of negative number sign if there is even number of positive number signs When dividing signed numbers same sign= opposite signs=-same +3 x +5=15, -2 x -3= +6 -opposite, -8 x +4= -32 -4 x+8=32 -negative -positive -positive -negativefraction with a denominator of 0 means=undefined