Qualitative Data Analysis

Chambliss & Schutt include these 2 standpoints on qualitative data analysis
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Components: examining ________ with tables, flowcharts, etc.relationshipsComponents: authenticating conclusions, or the _______ of a projectvalidityQualitative validity is __________, an understanding that fairly reflects the perspectives of the social actorsauthenticity_______ ________ are a challenge to authenticity- do people behave the way they would have done in your absence? Are they telling you what you want to hear?reactive effectsTest of authenticity: can you explain _________ knowledge, the things that your subjects take for granted and perhaps cant even explain for themselves?tacitComponents: ________, when a researcher practices self-awarenessreflexivityQualitative data analysis takes the ________ theory approach, just like ethnographers who begin their study with loose theoretical expectationsgroundedFlavors of qualitative analysis: _________ analysis- analyzing the stories people tellnarrativeFlavors of qualitative analysis: _________ sociology- analysis of data like photos or videosvisualFlavors of qualitative analysis: __________ analysis- studying the meaning in the micro details of how people talk to one anotherconversationMixed methods are key, including ________- the process of investigating the same problem through more than one mode of researchtriangulation