The 3 features of a lab experiment: manipulation of an ________ variable
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Advantages: responsible social researchers never say they have conclusively found a ______-_______ relationship if they used a method other than experimentscasue-effectDrawbacks: ideal for demonstrating causality, but have poor _________ to the population (external validity)generalizabilityDrawbacks: the lab setting is _________- would subjects act the same way in a natural environment?artificialDrawbacks: experiments can try to solve the problem of external validity with ________, like varied lab conditions or subjects with different characteristicsalterationsA real-world setting, like in _________ experiments, garners higher external validityfieldAlthough field experiments allow for better generalizability, their ________ validity is lower- outside events can influence resultsinternal_________ experiments involve treatments in the form of variations in the questions on a surveysurveySurvey experiment results are representative if the sample was selected using _________ samplingprobabilityA _________ experiment occurs when researchers take advantage of differing or changing conditions in the real worldnaturalMany sociological questions are not amenable to experimental research because it is impossible to randomly assign people to certain _________, and unethical!conditionsIn this design, different subjects get different treatmentsbetween-subjectsIn this design, each subject is exposed to all conditionswithin-subjectsExperiments are only successful if the ________ worksmanipulationIf subjects are impacted by the manipulation, then it is ________salientManipulation is successful if subjects did not figure out the true purpose of the experiment- researchers can inquire about this in a _________ _________manipulation checkMany experiments could not succeed without _______, but it is not taken lightly and ASA guidelines must be followeddeceptionTo keep participants engaged without revealing the study's true purpose, researchers often create a _______ _______, a false reason for participationcover story