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This is to all FPLAers and other WWise nerds around! Study well!


adj. Near or next to: adjoining.


v. 1. To surround or to attack repeatedly 2. To trouble or weigh down


v. To give up or transfer, especially by treaty or formal agreement.


adj. Roudabout, indirect.


adj. Proceeding or carried out in an aimless or random way.


v. To excite or arouse action.


n. A tool or instrument OR v. To carry out.


adj. Lacking importance or worth; unable to make an impact; trivial.


n. Greatness of size, power, or influence.


v. 1. To be come real or actual 2. To appear in physical form, especially suddenly.


n. A gathering, usually of military forces OR v. To summon or call forth; to gather.


adj. Serving to restrain action or discourage use of.


v. To think or talk about one's past. OR n. The act of remembering, a recollection. OR adj. Suggestive of something else.


n. The leading or forward position in a movement.


n. A person who is given to ideas that are not currently realistic; a dreamer. OR adj. Able to see what might be accomplished in the future.

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