Evaluation Research

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A policy implementation or change that is intended to modify the outcomes or behaviors of individuals or groups
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Learning how or why a program works is called _________ evaluationprocessBecause large-scale interventions can be very expensive, _______-_______ analysis is criticalcost-benefitThe problem with cost-benefit analysis: it is much easier to put a dollar figure on ________ than benefitscostsEthics: is it ethical to randomly assign some people not to get a social intervention if you believe it would _________ them?benefitIn comparison with basic research, evaluation has many __________, or people and groups with an interest in the outcomestakeholdersSome ________ in evaluation research include clients, staff, funders or political leaders, and outsiders who will be impactedstakeholdersStakeholders can interfere with research by _______ an evaluation before it's complete, exerting _______ on researchers to alter results, or _______ or seeking to discredit the research if it contradicts their preferencesstopping, pressure, ignoring