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  1. The wave-like or meandering pattern of the upper level winds in middle latitudes is of major importance for
  2. Clouds, dew and frost all form because air has become saturated. This condition of saturation is usually caused by
  3. Which of the following statements is TRUE of lake-effect snowfall?
  4. The wind speed normally increases with height in the layer of air next to the ground. This illustrates the fact that
  5. Why do clouds represent a source of heat for the atmosphere?
  1. a the air being cooled.
  2. b Cloud formation releases latent heat to the air.
  3. c transporting heat between equator and poles.
  4. d friction is present only close to the ground.
  5. e Along the Great Lakes, lake-effect snowfall usually only occurs within 80 km of the leeward lake shores.

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  1. inward and counterclockwise.
  2. westerlies
  3. ITCZ
  4. change in pressure along a horizontal surface.
  5. days.

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  1. A cumulus cloud is recognized mainly by itsa warm current carrying water from the equator along the East Coast of the United States.


  2. Clouds and precipitation form in the air primarily due toviscosity.


  3. Horizontal variations in air pressure cause a force which makes the wind blow. These pressure variations are caused byuneven heating of the Earth's surface


  4. The areas of abundant rainfall on the Earth tend to beviscosity.


  5. Upper air winds:can allow cloud droplets to form even if the relative humidity is