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  1. Horizontal variations in air pressure cause a force which makes the wind blow. These pressure variations are caused by
  2. You would expect vertical airflow in an anticyclone to result in
  3. The process by which a cloud droplet first forms is
  4. Which association is correct?
  5. When geostrophic conditions exist in the atmosphere, the net force on the moving air is
  1. a uneven heating of the Earth's surface
  2. b convergence aloft.
  3. c condensation
  4. d zero
  5. e low cloud...stratus

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  1. friction is present only close to the ground
  2. 1983 and 1997
  3. altostratus
  4. isohyets
  5. air being cooled as it rises.

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  1. The subpolar low (polar front) is:a zone where the polar easterlies and the westerlies converge.


  2. The Bergeron process causes cloud droplets to grow because:the saturation vapor pressure is lower near ice crystals than it is near supercooled droplets.


  3. The growth of a hailstone usually involves everything EXCEPT:spontaneous freezing of large water droplets.


  4. The air mass type most likely to form thunderstorms iscondensation


  5. This cloud sometimes produces mare's tails.cirrus