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  1. Freezing rain (ice storm) or sleet occurs when
  2. Concerning rainfall patterns, areas of persistent high pressure tend to cause
  3. A(n) ________ is a layer of dark gray clouds that produces precipitation
  4. Which of the following statements about airflow in the middle and upper troposphere is true?
  5. Upper air winds:
  1. a nimbostratus
  2. b are generally faster than surface winds
  3. c upper air is warm and surface air is cold
  4. d desert regions.
  5. e Except near the equator, the flow is from west to east.

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  1. rising and expanding.
  2. friction is present only close to the ground
  3. winter dry season
  4. warm and dry
  5. near the equator and in mid-latitudes.

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  1. Two of the strongest El NiƱo events on record began in what years?1983 and 1997


  2. Which type of cloud is most likely to form a halo around the Sun or the Moon?mT


  3. Clouds which have extensive vertical dimensions arealtostratus


  4. The term pressure gradient refers tochange in pressure along a horizontal surface


  5. Why do clouds represent a source of heat for the atmosphere?Cloud formation releases latent heat to the air.