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  1. Most of the United States is situated in which zone of prevailing winds?
  2. All of the following are necessary ingredients for cloud formation EXCEPT:
  3. The effect of friction on the wind alters its
  4. What do isobars represent on a map?
  5. Hygroscopic nuclei:
  1. a lines connecting points of equal air pressure
  2. b speed and direction.
  3. c warm surface air temperatures.
  4. d can allow cloud droplets to form even if the relative humidity is
  5. e westerlies

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  1. the saturation vapor pressure is lower near ice crystals than it is near supercooled droplets.
  2. cirrostratus
  3. condensation
  4. cirrus
  5. high relative humidity and clear nighttime skies

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  1. The addition of water vapor will cause the density of air to:decrease.


  2. The Gulf Stream is the name given toa warm current carrying water from the equator along the East Coast of the United States.


  3. The ________ cloud is confined to the middle height range.obvious vertical dimension.


  4. What is the average sea level pressure in the United States?lines connecting points of equal air pressure


  5. Thunder and lightning are associated with the ________ cloud.cumulonimbus