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  1. The wave-like or meandering pattern of the upper level winds in middle latitudes is of major importance for
  2. A radiation fog requires which of the following in order to form?
  3. Which type of cloud is most likely to form a halo around the Sun or the Moon?
  4. Which option above is generally associated with "fair" weather?
  5. A cT air mass is:
  1. a transporting heat between equator and poles.
  2. b high relative humidity and clear nighttime skies
  3. c graph c
  4. d cirrostratus
  5. e warm and dry

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  1. form or appearance.
  2. grow much more rapidly.
  3. speed and direction.
  4. the Bergeron process.
  5. days.

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  1. Hygroscopic nuclei:can allow cloud droplets to form even if the relative humidity is


  2. Identify the choice above that represents low pressure center in the Northern Hemispherethe leeward shores of the Great Lakes


  3. Clouds which have extensive vertical dimensions arecumulus


  4. This cloud sometimes produces mare's tails.change in pressure along a horizontal surface


  5. The ________ cloud is confined to the middle height range.obvious vertical dimension.


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