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  1. The region where the northeast trades meet the southeast trades is known as the
  2. The type of fog produced when cold air moves over a warm, moist surface is called:
  3. In the United States, lake-effect snows occur over which area?
  4. Neglecting friction, the speed and direction of the horizontal wind are determined by
  5. Clouds, dew and frost all form because air has become saturated. This condition of saturation is usually caused by
  1. a the air being cooled.
  2. b ITCZ
  3. c pressure gradient and Coriolis
  4. d the leeward shores of the Great Lakes
  5. e steam fog.

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  1. at high altitudes.
  2. dry all year around
  3. isohyets
  4. air being cooled as it rises.
  5. moisture content and temperature.

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  1. Which type of cloud is most likely to form a halo around the Sun or the Moon?to the lee of mountains


  2. Concerning rainfall patterns, areas of persistent high pressure tend to causedesert regions.


  3. Of the following cloud types, which is most likely to produce the most rain?to the lee of mountains


  4. You would expect vertical airflow in an anticyclone to result inspeed and direction.


  5. Where are lenticular clouds most likely to form?to the lee of mountains


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