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  1. You would expect vertical airflow in an anticyclone to result in
  2. Large scale wind circulation systems that reverse with the seasons are called
  3. A cT air mass is:
  4. Lines connecting places having equal rainfall on a map are called:
  5. Identify the choice above that represents low pressure center in the Northern Hemisphere
  1. a warm and dry
  2. b isohyets
  3. c monsoons
  4. d graph b
  5. e convergence aloft.

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  1. mT
  2. mTw
  3. mT
  4. ITCZ
  5. can allow cloud droplets to form even if the relative humidity is less than 100 percent.

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  1. Most of the precipitation that falls in the middle latitudes is formed by:the Bergeron process.


  2. The effect of friction on the wind alters itsa warm current carrying water from the equator along the East Coast of the United States.


  3. In the northern hemisphere, cyclonic winds flowinward and counterclockwise.


  4. Why do clouds represent a source of heat for the atmosphere?Cloud formation releases latent heat to the air.


  5. Which association is not correct?high cloud...stratus