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  1. Salt, dust particles, silver iodide, and combustion by-products are all examples of:
  2. When geostrophic conditions exist in the atmosphere, the net force on the moving air is
  3. The wind speed normally increases with height in the layer of air next to the ground. This illustrates the fact that
  4. Most of the precipitation that falls in the middle latitudes is formed by:
  5. A primary factor causing monsoon circulations is
  1. a the Bergeron process.
  2. b friction is present only close to the ground.
  3. c greater temperature changes over continents compared to oceans.
  4. d zero
  5. e condensation nuclei.

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  1. warm surface air temperatures.
  2. friction is present only close to the ground
  3. moisture content and temperature.
  4. Bermuda high.
  5. winter dry season

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  1. Compared to continental air masses with the same air temperature, maritime air massesmT


  2. High air pressure zones are usually associated with:relatively dry conditions.


  3. The ________ air mass provides much of the moisture for precipitation in the central and eastern United States.nimbostratus


  4. A(n) ________ is a layer of dark gray clouds that produces precipitationnimbostratus


  5. Clouds are classified and named according to their altitude andnear the equator and in mid-latitudes.