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  1. The important difference between liquid droplets and ice crystals in a supercooled cloud is that ice crystals
  2. Identify the choice above that represents low pressure center in the Northern Hemisphere
  3. The effect of friction on the wind alters its
  4. Why are high altitude clouds always so thin?
  5. The growth of a hailstone usually involves everything EXCEPT:
  1. a viscosity.
  2. b spontaneous freezing of large water droplets.
  3. c Very little water vapor is present.
  4. d grow much more rapidly.
  5. e graph b

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  1. friction is present only close to the ground
  2. cirrostratus
  3. 1013 mb
  4. upwelling
  5. condensation

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  1. The definition of the word "monsoon" meansseasonal wind shift.


  2. The typical amount of time it takes for an air mass to pass over a given area is on the order of a fewmountain ranges, cyclones, and anticyclones.


  3. When warm moist air moves over a cold surface, ________ fog may result.advection


  4. In the United States, lake-effect snows occur over which area?inward and counterclockwise.


  5. A radiation fog requires which of the following in order to form?high relative humidity and clear nighttime skies