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Atom is the smallest unit of an
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Matter can change forms T/F
Phases of Matter?
particles are touching and not changing position
particles are touching but moving freely
particles do no touch but move freely
matter changes forms but the identity of the substance does not change is called
examples of physical change?
separating mixtures into
significant figures (sig figs) 1. any --# is SIGNIFICANT 2. 0 between non zeros are (significant or non) 3. leading zeros are significant or non 4. if 0 behind the decimal are significant ex .1000 Add/subtract 1-4 round- --5-9 round-- mutiply and divide pick the ---sig figsAll the digits that can be known precisely in a measurement -1-9 -significant -nonsignificant -significant --down-up -fewIf the exponent is positive If the exponent is negative speed of light = ---- is the mass volume -- and -- high density, -- not very dense to find the density what is the equation?move decimal to the right move decimal to the left 3.0x10(8) m/s density solid, liquid//gas mass of the object/ volume of the object%error formula systemic error = random errorexperimental value- actual value ----------------------------------- x 100 actual value -errors that can be fixed -errors that was made by human errorPipettes > Burets/Volumetric Flasks > Graduated Cylinders > Beakers/Erlenmeyer flasksmost precise to least precise.Atomic theory was made by who JJ Thomas used a cathod ray tube experiment and found that atoms have a --- charge Ernest Rutherford most positive charge went through a price of gold while some didn't? why? protons and neutron are the ---? electrons are far away from --? isotopes are different cause they have the same number of protons but different numbers of ---? if it has a formal electrical charge its called -- if its positive charge is (more/less) electrons if its negative (more/less) electrons-John dalton -negative -becuase of the nuclues -nucleus -nucleus -neutrons -ion, more, lessnuclide symbol loss in electrons gain in electrons singular atom with a formal charge molecule atom with a formal charge 1st:Cation(name of the metal)2nd:Anion(use the suffix ide) what element acts as a acidic behavior? Binary acid contains what 2 molecules how to name a binary acid in aquauese form? Oxyacid contains what 3 molecules how to name an oxyacid?symbol that indicates the atomic number, mass number, and electrical charge -cation (+1) -anion(-1) -monoatomic -polyatomic -hydrogen -H and any other molecule -change hydrogen to hydro--> use the suffic ic--> add acid to the end example; hydrofloric acid -H, O, any other molecule -1. start with the anion 2. the suffix ate becomes ic, or ite becomes ous 3. then ad the words acidTypes of Chemical Reactions Synthesis Decomposition, what can break these bonds? Single displacement also called what type of reaction? Double displacement also called what type of reaction?-synthesis, decomposition, single and double displacement -two things become one thing - one thing becomes two seperate things//heat, light -one compound swaps with another component, REDOX -two compounds swap components, PRECIPITATIONthis kind of reaction will always have oxygen as a reactant and has CO2 and water a very big number, allows us to describe macroscopic amounts of matter in terms of number of molecules a mole convert between which two units? mole= the amount and what the units-combustion -a mole -atomic mass units --> grams -6.022 x 10(23) (avogodos number)//g/mole