converting lewis structure to skeleton
wedge are coming ---you (triangle)
dash are coming --- you(dash)
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electrons sit in an atomic orbital what are the 4?
each orbital hold-- number of electrons?
sp--has two electron domains shape and angle
sp2 has 3 domains --shape and angle
sp3 has 4 domains --shape and angle
direct orbital overlap= freely rotation what kind of bond
pi bond have -- rotation
double bonds will always have 1 -- and 1--
triple bonds will always have 1-- and 2 --.
if pka is greater then ph =
ph is greater then pka =
bases depropanate or propanate?
acids depropanate or propanate?
hydrogen floride
CH3 methane
s orbitals shape? more elctronegative
p orbital shape? less electronegative
sp then sp2 then sp3 more acidic or basic
what is the most elctronegative element