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Goal of studying grammar

to communicate the message

What is a noun?

Names a person, place, thing, or abstract

The noun is the _______ of the sentence.


6 types of nouns

common, proper, compound, concrete, abstract, collective

What does a verb do?

describes the action

the verb is the _________ of a sentence.

simple predicate

Verbs can be ________ or ________

singular, plural

Do not need a direct object to complete the action of the verb, and the verbs can stand by themselves

intransitive verbs

Require a direct object to complete its meaning

transitive verbs

type of verb that describes a state of being

linking verbs

links the subject to the predicate

Linking verbs

am, is, are, was, were, be, being, and been are all types of what verb?

linking verb

I swim. (what's its sentence pattern?)

S InV (subject, intransitive verb)

I drive a car. (what's its sentence pattern?)

S TrV DO (subject, transitive verb, direct object)

I gave her a gift. (what's its sentence pattern?)

S TrV IO DO (subject, transitive verb, Indirect object, direct object)

Isaiah is a guy. (what's its sentence pattern?)

S LV PN (subject, linking verb, predicat noun)

Isaiah is handsome. (what's its sentence pattern?)

S LV PA (subject, linking verb, predicate adjective)

The subject acts or does something.


My friend chose a good story to read. (example of what voice?)


Th subject is acted upon (past-tense)


A good story was chosen by my friend. (example of what voice?)


___________bits of info from the text that, when combined with prior knowledge, allow you to decide the meaning of unknown words in the story or article you are reading.

context clues

_____ are full of "______" about the meaning of words.

texts; clues

other words in a sentence, paragraph, caption, illustration, or title can help the reader guess the _______ of the word.


An expression with a meaning that cannot be guessed from the meanings of individual words.


Break a leg. (what type of figure of speech)


A comparison of two things without the use of like and as


Hawaii is a melting pot. (what type of figure of speech)


giving something human qualities


The flowers waltzed in the gentle breeze. (what type of figure of speech)


A figure of speech comparing two unlike things that is often introduced by like or as


Her cheeks were as red as a rose. (what type of figure of speech)


Discrepancy between words and meaning, between expectation what is and fulfillment, between what is and what sees to be.


there is a song about the phobia of music. (what type of figure of speech)


A historical or literary reference (has to be an important date, event, person, or "title")


Harriet Tubman was call the Moses of her time. (what type of figure of speech)


A word or phrase that has become overly familiar or commonplace


What goes around comes around. (what type of figure of speech)


The use of your senses to describe and generate a meaning in the mind of the reader


The crimson liquid spilled from the neck of the white dove, staining and matting its pure, white feathers. (what type of figure of speech)


The association of 2 opposite terms.


False fact (what type of figure of speech)


The art of creating characters for a narrative


The use of humor to poke at something serious


Mode of presentation convoying meaning other than the verbal meaning


Pilgrims Progress- salvation (what type of figure of speech)


Who was born in Dublin, Ireland?

Jonathan Swift

Swift was a political and _______opportunist


Swift was caustic and ________.


______supported the ______ party until it supported the Catholic influence in ________.

Swift; Whig; England

Swift switched to support the _____Party which fell out of ______.

Tory; power

Swift was "_____" back it Ireland, and became an ordained ______ in the Church of _______.

exiled; priest; Ireland

Swift ultimately desired to be an __________ __________ official in London.

Anglican Church

Though all of Swifts experience he developed his ________ writing skill


The ______ of human understanding


Satire is meant to be _______


Satire's greater purpose is often _________ social criticism, using wit as a ________.

constructive; weapon

______iron is a _______ feature

Strong; common

What was the profession of Gulliver's apprenticeship


While sailing to the East indies, upon what object was Gulliver's ship driven?

a rock

T/F Gulliver and 5 crew members survived the sinking ship and make it to shore.


T/F Gulliver dashed 40 to 50 little people against the ground.


T/F The Lilliputs could see with great exactness at long distances.


T/F The Lilliputs bury their dead with their heads directly downwards.


T/F If a person falsely accuses someone else, then he is immediately put to death.


T/F The empire looks upon fraud as a greater crime that theft


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