EPISODE 4 No Word Is An Island Advanced English

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conjure upDieting always seems to ______ images of endless salads.coterieDirectly below the king was a coterie of intellectuals of the highest order.of / fameThe show was screened around the world and starred David Schwimmer ___ Friends ____.thrivingNow that she's in a job she like she's really ________ and happy.impressionableThe kids are at an ______ age.droning onTom was ______ about work.prime exampleBlakey Hall is a _________ of a 19th-century building.full wellYou know ______ what I mean.my cup of teaJazz just isn't _______ - I prefer classical music.overwhelming majorityThe party was elected by an _________ of voters. Never before in the country's history has a political party enjoyed such widespread support.