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Chapter 1

The significant indian tarding center near present day st. louis
The first country to sponcer exploration by sea to the orient
Balboa was the first Europeon to gaze westard across what body of water?
At its height, the spanish empire claimed the whole of the western would, except for a piece of what present day country?
At. Augistine
the first permanent european settlement in what is now the united states?
The land grants given to favored spaniards
the name given by the spanish to people of mixed races. (i.e.) spanish and native american
The popular exonomic system of the european nations in the 15th - 18th centuries. This system stated that the world's wealth was finite, and that a nation needed colonies to increase the wealth of the mother country.
The name given to the most radical puritans. They wanted to break away completely from the anglican church.
Where did england have it's first experience with colonization
Lost colony
The english settlement of roanoke was also known as, due to the fate of this colony
the first permanent english settlement in the new world.
The orgins of human existance in americas began
with migration from eurasia over the bering strait
The early south American civilizations of incas, mayans, and aztecs all shared the following characteristics
economies primarily based on agriculture, substantial cities, complex pollitical systems
Prior to eurpoean contact, the eastern third of what is today the united states
contained no permanent settlements
Cahokia was a large trading center located near what present day city
St louis
Native american religions were closely linked to
the natural world
In regards to knowledge of the americans prior to the fifteenth century, most europeans
were entirely unaware of the existance of the americas.
In the late fifteenth century, the desire in europre to look for new lands was spurred by
significant population growth
The preeminent europan maritime power in the fifteenth century was
Christopher columbus
though the world was much smaller than it was in reality
In his first voyage in 1492, Christopher Columbus
mistook cuba for china
Christopher columbus called the native people he ncountered on his voyages 'indians' because
He believed they came from the east indies in the pacific
As a result of his third voyage in 1498, Christopher Columbus concluded
he had encountered a continent separate from Asia.
What european exploer gave the pacific ocean it's name?
Vasco de Balboa
In 1518, hernamdo cortes conquest of the aztecs was made possible largely due to
the exposure of the aztecs to smallpox
Spanish settlements in the new world
Spanish colonies would form one of the largest empires in the history of the world, the catholic church was very interested in spreading christianity in mmexico, the first spanish settlers were mostly interested in farming.
An encomienda was
a spanish run community of assimilated indians
The first permanent spanish settlement in what is now the US was
St. Augustine
In 1860 the Pueblo indians rose in revolt against spanish settlers after the spanish
attempted to conver tthe pueblos to catholicism.
To reduce conflicts, spanish policy toward the pueblo indians in the eighteenth century incolved
intensified efforsts at assimilating the pueblos, willingness to permit the pueblos to own their land, an expansion of the encomienda system
what facot is believed to have dramatically reduced new world native populations after contact with europeans
In what way did sixteenth century europeans benefit from trade between the americans and europe
trade with the americans ended future food shortages in europe.
the following was introduced by europeans to the new world
bananas, sugar, and horses.
in spanish colonial societies, mestizos
came to make up the largest segment of the population
African and American indian societies tended to be matrilineal which meant
women were in control of the social institutions
in the fifteenth century, slavery in africa
generally allowed certain legal protetions to the enslaved.
In what chronological order did european countries control the african slave trade
The portuguese, the dutch, the english
What condition in england in the sixteenth century provided an incentive for colonization
the availability of farmland was declining while the population was growing
The economic theory of mercantilism
it presumed that the world's wealth was finite. It increased competition among nations. It assumed that exporting goods was preferable to importing goods.
In england, during the early sixteenth century, mercantilism thrived mostly on the basis of
In what way were martin luther and john calvin imported to english puritans
luther and calvin advocated ideas of religious reform that influenced puritan thought.
The english reformation resulted from
a political dispute between king henry VIII and the catholic church
The english concluded from their colonial experience in ireland that
English colonists should maintain a rigid seperation from the indigenous population.
French coloization in the new world
french traders established partnerships with indians and often become a part of their society. The french were more likely than the english to press inland. The french tanded to trade with the indians through intermediaries.
An imported consequence of the defeat of the spanish armada was that
England found the seas more open to their control.
The colony of virginia was named in honor of
Elizabeth I
The causes for failure of the roanoke colony
is historically inconclusive
Between 1500 and 1800, Africans immigrants to the americans
nearly came against their will and made up over half of all immigrants to the new world.