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Vocabulary for Unit 1.


the ability to make someone do something


the right to use power


a person or group of people who have the power to create and enforce laws for a country or small area

State of Nature

when there is an absence of government, civilization, laws, or anyone telling you how to live

Natural Rights

rights that all people are born with and that a government should protect (ex-life and liberty)

Absolute Power

power without limits


agree (ex- In a Republic people consent, or agree, to be governed)

Social Contract

an agreement among people to make a government to make laws for them in order to protect their natural rights

republican government

form of government in which people elect others to represent them and serve their interest in government

common welfare

the good of the entire community

civic virtue

The willingness of a person to put the common welfare before their own personal fame, wealth or other success

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