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the position of the earth's surface


the physical and human characteristics of an area


an area with unifying characteristics


how people use, affect and are affected by their surroundings

interaction between people and their environment

the things that make up an entire way of life


a group within a society that shares beliefs, values, and customs

sub culture

goods brought into a country


the worship of one God


belief that one racial group is naturally superior to another


form of democracy in which the peole choose the leaders to represent them


judging other cultures by the standards of your own culture is an example of


an economicsystem in which individuals make some economic decisions and government makes other economic decisions is called a

mixed economy

this element of culture consists of our rules and behavior

customs and traditions

family is the most important unit in this element of culture

social organization

water pollution is an example of this element of culture

interaction between people and their environment

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