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Acting II

Roman theatre began
364 B.C
First Roman actors
Why did Roman theatre begin?
A plauge was going around and the Romans decided to copy the greeks and put on a play in honor of the gods to get rid of the play. When it worked, they kept doing plays.
huge festivals Romans put on
biggest festival the Romans put on called?
Ludi Romani
What type of event took place in Roman festivals?
Gladiators, boxing, chariot racing...it was a pretty wide variety. All forms of "entertainment" where competing for an audience.
What is naumachia?(Roman)
staged sea battles.
first Roman theatre
Theatre of Pompey
Roman Pantomime
Actors where cast for physical appearence(either particularly pretty or unusually ugly.) This takes place only in Rome. an actor/dancer would assume all roles and cat out a plot taken from history or mythology. No masks. They speak and sing. When it became more popular, a chorus would sing the libretto and an orchestra came to accompany them.
costumes for Roman Tragedies
They wore robes, but they eventually switched to the roman tunic or toga. The early masks were made of linion. Head was completely covered by a wig. The masks were much smaller then the greek and only covered the face.
What did a Roman orchestra consist of?
The flute, pipes, drums, simbols, lyre(baby harp).
Roman Comedy-Bucco
One of the four stock characters. Very lively, bosterous, braggart. Bucco is translated to mouth. Masks indentifed the character.
Roman Comedy-Pappus
One of the four stock characters. Very comic, very confused old man. Masks indentifed the character.
Roman Comedy-Maccus
One of the four stock characters. A glutonous fool. Masks indentifed the character.
Roman Comedy-Dossenus
One of the four stock characters. A hunchback and very frightening in appearence. Masks indentifed the character.
True of False: Roman stock characters came before comedia del arte.
In all Roman Comedies...
There was a lot of underscore. It always had the same set for every play: buildings with a street in front of it. All building had two stories. They had one lower window, two top windows, and all had working doors. Easdropping was very common. You never saw inside. Characters could be added to the show.
Are Roman comedies low comedies or high comedies?
Low comedies
Roman Playwright-Terence
Comedic Playwright. Wrote Mother in law, The brothes. Known for stealing a lot of greek plots and mushing them all together.
Roman Playwright-Plautus
Comedic Playwright. Even more famous then Terence. Worte The Braggart Warrior and Menachmi(the plot of a shakespeare play. I think 12th night.)
Roman Playwright-Seneca
Tragic Playwright. Wrote The Trojan Women, Medea. a lot of his stuff survived and was read in the renissance. He influenced Renissace drama in 5 ways.
Seneca's five ways of influencing the renissance
1. plays were divided into 5 episodes(five acts) 2. scenes of violence and horror(imitated) 3. Magic, death, supernatural(imiated) 4. Characters are dominated by a single obsessive motive which leads them to their doom(imitated) 5. Use of soliloque and asides(imitated.)
mini dialogue written in the langauge of the Roman people
first Trope called
Quem Quaeritas
Quem Quaeritas mean?
Where are you going.
Reason Roman theatre was removed from the church.
1. Too much comedy. 2. plays started to become to illaborate. 3. they wanted to involve more people and they ran out of room. 4. the plays were in the langauge of the people.
Trade Builds?
People who sponser the Roman plays.
Costumes weren't...
always to period ex: Roman soilders looked like medival knights.
Important characters had...
Mediavel play-miracle
lives of saints
Mediavel play-mystery
Christ's life(sotries from bible)
Mediavel play-morality
to learn a lesson(allegory)
What is Medea upset about when she first appears on stage?
She's being forced to leave her homeland.
What does Medea say to convince Jason that her sons should present the Princess with her gift?
That it will persude her to let the kids stay.
According to Jason, why should Medea be grateful to him?
He brought her to Greece
What does Medea offer Aegeus in return for his promise of sanctuary?
a potion to make him and his wife have a child.
"Surely you will not have the heart to destroy your own flesh and blood?"
The chorus
Quote a line by which Euripedes clearly shows that Medea is not insane as she prepares to commit this horrible crime.
"Oh, I do realize how terrible is the crime I am about, but passion over rules my resolutions, passion causes me the most misery in the world.
What is the chorus' final comment on these tragic events?(medea)
Justice was never really served
What is the atttitutude of the chorus toward Oedipus?
They trust him with their lives.
Is there any significance in the fact that Teresias is blind?
He is blind and he is the only one who sees the truth.
"Look to her, Moor, if she hast eyes to see: She has deceived her father, and may thee."
Greek theatre begins around...
700 B.C
The goat is associated with Dyonisis because...
The greeks used goat bladder to store their wine.
the first Greek song
Goat songs Tragedos
Party Revel(float) =
First Greek theatre
Theatre of Dionysus
Greek theatre festival lasted...
6 days
First actor(Thespis) appeared around...
500 B.C
Greek Costumes
Big ass masks( 360 degrees) long robes for tragic heros gloves, body padding, and corthurni. Wigs and accesiories on top.
Plot structure(Greek)
1. Prologue-opening scene. background of story established. chorus usually singing. 2. Episode-scene 3.Stasimon- at the end of every eposide a choral ode happens. 4. Exodos- Final scene in which chorous says a final ode and actors go off.
Aristotles's Concept of a tragic hero
1. High and Noble birth 2. Overwhelmingly good 3. one tragic flaw. 4. The flaw and the flaw alone must lead to downfall 5. the hero recognizes his guilt and excepts consiquences causing audience to feel catharsis.
mini stilts(Greek)
Dramatic Unities
1. Time-must take place in 24 hours. Place-must take place in one setting. Unity of Action-no other stories going on.
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