60 terms

Chapter 2&3

Anne Hutchinson
Preached the 'antinomian heresey'
Edmund Andros
Royal governor of dominion of new england
John Smith
Saved the colony of jamestown - no work, no food
Thomas Hooker
Established the beginnings of connecticut
William Penn
Led the establishment of the 'society of riends' colony
Peter Stuyvesant
Dutch governor of new amsterdam, defated new sweden, eventually surrendered to england.
James Oglethorpe
Led the founding of colonial georgia
Anthony Ashley Cooper
Eventual leader in the creation of carolina
John Winthrop
1st governor of dominion of new england
Roger Williams
Established 'rogue's island' for relgious freedom and separation of church and state
Falling away from, puritan concern affecting the church
Class structure
division of society into recognizable groups, usually based on wealth, education, family, etc.
Sermons of despair preached by ministers in the face of warning piety.
Having to do with a social system in which the father is the head of the family
Roots of concept that freedom is a natural condition of humanity & governments should be responsible to the people
French Calvinst who came to America for religious freedom
Practice of passing propery to the firstborn son
Galen's theory that the body's fluids need to be kept in balance
determining factor in slavery
Economic plan to enhance the growth and wealth of the empire
Johnathan edwards
most outstanding great awakening preacher in new england congregationalist
Phylis Weatler
Slave who wrote and published poetry
Ben Fanklin
Author and publisher of famous almanac
George Whitefield
Revivalist that was known for threatrics and miracle savings
Peter Zenger
New york publisher who won his freedom of press case
John & Charles Wesley
Began methodist religion, came to america for revivals
Old lights
traditionalist that favored the old ways of religion
New lights
Accepted the revivalist ideas, tended to be women and young men.
Indenture servants refused to go here
Southern colonies
75% of population was at one time served as indentured servants
chesapeake colonies
longest life span - 40 years
new england colonies
most stable society
new england colonies
50% died before reaching age of 20
chesapeake colonies
limited opportunites for former indentured servants
southern colonies
main crop was rice
souther colonies
stressed family and religion
new england colonies
maryland and virginia
chesapeake colonies
Starving time
due to high death rates, what was the name given to the winter of 1609-1610 in jamestown
first truly marketable crop in virginia
mayflower compact
what was written by the pilgrim who settle dplymouth? this document established the basis of their self government.
John Winthrop
was was the leader of the massachusetts bay colony that sought to have his people serve as a city upon a hill
Bacon's rebellion
what was the conflict between tidewater virginia and a rising elite to its west
dom of new england
what was the most concerted attempted by king james II to consolidate control in north america?
navigation acts
what were the acts of parliament passed to regulate colonial trade and manufacturing in accordance with the econmoic theory of mercantilism?
royal, propiratory, a stock
what were the three types of charters issued by the king of england given people permission to settle in america?
what is a society that is run by the religious leaders, where it is difficult to separate the religious organization from the state?
the intellectual movement that dominated the late seventeenth and eighteenth centures in euorpe. Believing that th euniversise opererated through natural laws that human beings, using their powers of reason, could understand.
The adherence to the belif that salvation comes through the personal recognition of sone's sins, the wareness of ones inability to save oneself, and the acceptance of christ as the only means of redeption
Paper currency
what was issed by colinail overnments to serve as currency, because of little gold or silver?
Beaver, Tocabbo
two examples of commodities that were commly used in lieu of currency in the early colonial days
Middle passage
what was the journey of africans to the americas?
triangular trade
exchange of commodites between north america, the carribbean, europe, and africa.
Stono's rebellion
The most serious colonial slave revolt. It took place in souther caroline in 1739. The rebels
what was produced at saugus massachusetts? it was the first signifcant colonial industry of this type
those puritcans who could give evidence of grace and were admitted to full church membership
the frist american college, established in 1636
poor richards almanac
title of ben franklins best selling publication
great awakening
christian revivial based on the gospels and justicication of faith
Royal africa co
company that controlled the slave trade to the colonies in the arly days. later their monopoly was broken by competitors
most seventeenth century english migrants to the north american were
religious dissenters