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Arkansas Computer Applications Unit 6


file that is included with an e-mail that can be opened by the user


a program that allows a user to display HTML-developed Web pages


a collection of information stored on the local computer of a World Wide Web user; used chiefly by Web sites to identify previous users

Computer ethics

what is morally right or wrong when using computers, internet resources, and e-mail


a list of e-mail addresses of friends and co-workers


a law that secures for a limited time to the creators the exclusive right to their works; copyright law protects such things as music, CDs, poetry, novels, books, artwork, movies, newspapers, magazines, photographs, etc.


electronic form of communication

Fair Use Laws

laws regarding the use of copyrighted materials for educational and reporting purposes

Favorites (bookmarks)

saved sites in the user's browser which are used frequently


text, cell or an object that when clicked "jumps to" another location, such as another file location or website


a network of computers connected to each other

Public domain

materials that have no copyright and can be used without permission


option used to respond to a sender's e-mail.

Search engines

a database website that allows the user to locate links to specific information given search criteria, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing


the last step in creating an e-mail correspondence

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