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gwa chem. burke

the study of relationship between measurable quantities, such as mass and volume, and the number of atoms in chemical reaction
the unit used to count numbers of atoms, molecules, or formula units of substances
avagadro constant
6.02x10 to the 23 in one mole
molar mass
the mass of one mole of a pure substance
molecular mass
the mass in atomic mass units of one molecule of a covalent compounds
formula mass
the mass in atomic mass units of formula unit of an ionic compound
molar volume
the volume that a mole of a gas occupies at a pressure of one atmosphere and a temp of 0 degrees C
empirical formula
the formula of a compound having the smallest whole-number ratio of atoms in the compound
ideal gas law
the relationship among the pressure, volume, temp, and number of particles in a gas
theoretical yield
is the amount of product of a chemical reaction predicted by stoichiometry
actual yield
what you get-generally less than what was predicted
chemical formula
tells the elements of the compound