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Wordmasters 7th grade List 2 January 2015


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Hot desert wind that can blow air and dust from North Africa to western Europe's Mediterranean coast.
The term Sirocco (sometimes also spelled Scirocco) is an all-
inclusive name given to hot and subsequently humid southeast to
southwest winds originating as hot, dry desert-air over Northern Africa, flowing northward into the southern Mediterranean basin. Siroccos occur in advance of surface and upper level depressions moving eastward across
the southern Mediterranean Sea or northern Africa. These cyclones originate either over North Africa or sometimes south of the Alps, primarily in the Gulf of Genoa in the latter case.
condescending or presumptuous; overbearing; arbitrary: He has a ______ manner.:high-hand·ed
using power or authority without considering the feelings of others.
"they oppose this cruel and high-handed takeover"
synonyms: imperious, arbitrary, peremptory, arrogant, haughty, domineering, supercilious, pushy, overbearing, heavy-handed, lordly, magisterial; inflexible, rigid; autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial, tyrannical; informalbossy, high and mighty
To come up again or to happen again
place where food is stored
Having or showing great intensity of feeling; passionate;: felt very strongly : having or showing very strong feelings
: very hot : glowing
educe, evoke, inspire, raise; to draw forth or bring out (something latent or potential) <hypnotism elicited his hidden fears>
a : a radiant light around the head or body of a representation of a sacred personage
b : something resembling an aureole <an aureole of hair>
: radiance, aura <an aureole of youth and health>
: the luminous area surrounding the sun or other bright light when seen through thin cloud or mist : corona
: a ring-shaped zone around an igneous intrusion
a : firmly fixed in place : immovable
b : not subject to change
: firm in belief, determination, or adherence : loyal <her followers have remained steadfast>
ex. Steadfast Tin Soldier
: to give power or permission to (someone or something)

: to give legal or official approval to or for (something)

transitive verb
: to establish by or as if by authority : sanction <a custom authorized by time>
: to invest especially with legal authority : empower <authorized to act for her husband>
a hole so deep or a space so great that it cannot be measured;: the bottomless gulf, pit, or chaos
: a gulf so deep or a space so great that it cannot be measured
a : an immeasurably deep gulf or great space
b : intellectual or moral depths
: having or showing great knowledge or understanding

: difficult to understand : requiring deep thought or wisdom

: very strongly felt;
a : having intellectual depth and insight
b : difficult to fathom or understand
a : extending far below the surface
b : coming from, reaching to, or situated at a depth : deep-seated <a profound sigh>
a : characterized by intensity of feeling or quality
b : all encompassing : complete <profound sleep> <profound deafness
: a bent tube used to move a liquid from one container into another container by means of air pressure
a : a tube bent to form two legs of unequal length by which a liquid can be transferred to a lower level over an intermediate elevation by the pressure of the atmosphere in forcing the liquid up the shorter branch of the tube immersed in it while the excess of weight of the liquid in the longer branch when once filled causes a continuous flow
b usually syphon : a bottle for holding aerated water that is driven out through a bent tube in its neck by the pressure of the gas when a valve in the tube is opened
: any of various tubular organs in animals and especially mollusks or arthropods that are used for drawing in or ejecting fluids
: someone who carries a torch at the head of a group of people

: someone who leads a campaign, movement, etc.
: filled with passion or zeal : showing great warmth or intensity of feeling
to promote the growth or development of : rouse, incite <foment a rebellion>
direct quick route
: musingly or dreamily thoughtful
: suggestive of sad thoughtfulness
: to feel or show great happiness

: to say (something) in a very excited and happy way
synonyms: crow, delight, exuberate, glory, jubilate, joy, kvell, rejoice, triumph, kick up one's heels
intransitive verb
: to raise trivial and frivolous objection
transitive verb
: to raise trivial objections to
Making great noise (not necessarily negative)
1: the young of an animal or a family of young; especially : the young (as of a bird or insect) hatched or cared for at one time
: a group having a common nature or origin
: the children of a family
Literally, "country behind," a term that applies to a surrounding area served by an urban center. That center is the focus of goods and services produced for its hinterland and is its dominant urban influence as well. In the case of a port city, the hinterland also includes the inland area whose trade flows through that port.
synonyms: backcountry, backland(s)
, backwater, backwoods,bush, frontier, outback, outlands, up-country
very formal and proper
: easily shocked or upset by rude behavior, comments, etc.
: very neat in appearance
a : stiffly formal and proper : decorous
b : prudish
antiseptic, bandbox, crisp, groomed, kempt, orderly, picked up, neat, shipshape, smug, snug, tidied, tidy, trig, trim, uncluttered, well-groomed
disheveled (or dishevelled), disordered, disorderly, messy, mussed, mussy, sloven, slovenly, unkempt, untidy
1 : tramp; especially : to tread heavily so as to bruise, crush, or injure
: to inflict injury or destruction especially contemptuously or ruthlessly —usually used with on, over, or upon <trampling on the rights of others>
transitive verb
: to crush, injure, or destroy by or as if by treading <trampled the flowers>
1 a : an artificial passage for water (as in a millstream) fitted with a valve or gate for stopping or regulating flow
b : a body of water pent up behind a floodgate
2 : a dock gate : floodgate
3 a : a stream flowing through a floodgate
b : a channel to drain or carry off surplus water
4 : a long inclined trough usually on the ground; especially : such a contrivance paved usually with riffles to hold quicksilver for catching gold