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20 vocabulary words from The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

malignant (adj)

very dangerous, deadly (p.88)

wispy (adj)

thin, weak and frail (p.27)

pavilion (n)

large, open structure used for shelter (p.75)

apparition (n)

a ghostly appearance or figure (p.76)

penance (n)

voluntary punishment for one's sin (p.80)

adversary (n)

one's opponent in a competition or conflict (p.94)

concession (n)

the act of yielding to something (p.98)

ecology (n)

the study of organisms, environments and their relationships (p.117)

manger (n)

box that livestock eats from in a barn or stable (p.133)

tentative (adj)

uncertain, unsure or hesitant (p.125)

lanky (adj)

ungracefully tall and skinny (p.117)

celestial (adj)

relating to sky or heaven (p.121)

trudge (v)

to walk slowly with heavy steps (p.122)

admonish (v)

to advise or warn someone against something (p.123)

prodigy (n)

a young person that is extraordinarily talented (p.132)

sonata (n)

musical composition made up of three to four movements (p.137)

conspire (v)

agree together on something secretly, usually something unlawful (p.138)

embezzlement (n)

to steal money, that was entrusted in one's care, from an organization (p.149)

pustule (n)

a small blister (p.153)

seething (v)

to bubble or foam due to being boiled (p.163)

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