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  1. 32, fewer at higher sample rates
  2. True. And not only that, you can adjust the brightness as well!!
  3. Muting the track frees the used voice for that track
  4. The topmost, and the leftmost track gets priority (unless that track has been specifically assigned)
  5. In the Edit window, drag the track up; In the Mix window, drag the track left; in the Tracks List, drag the track up.

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  1. Pro Tools officially supprts a MAXIMUM of _____tracks on a single FireWire/1394 hard drive at 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rates32


  2. What is a scenario in which you would use explicit voicing allocation?Set the track's Voice selector to "off", Deactivate the track, Remove all of the track's output and send assignments;


  3. What are the five Edit Window Scrolling options available in ProTools|HD systems?No Scrolling, After Playback, Page, Continuous, and Center Playhead.


  4. What window allows you to specify which tracks record to each drive? Must all tracks in a session record to the same drive?Disk Allocation. No.


  5. Which scrolling option disregards the Timeline Insertion Follows Playback setting?Center Playhead.....the insubordinate bastard.