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  1. 32, fewer at higher sample rates
  2. You might have two different takes on two separate tracks....the topmost will play, and if there's a break in the playlist, the lower track will play
  3. Disk Allocation. No.
  4. Muting the track frees the used voice for that track
  5. Pro Tools will use a voice for a track when it contains regions and will not allocate a voice if there are no regions to playback

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  1. What are the five Edit Window Scrolling options available in ProTools|HD systems?Cntrl+Cmd+Click on the track type icon in the Mix window


  2. What are a few ways that you can free a voice in use by a track?Set the track's Voice selector to "off", Deactivate the track, Remove all of the track's output and send assignments;


  3. Pro Tools officially supprts a MAXIMUM of _____tracks on a single FireWire/1394 hard drive at 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rates32


  4. How can you increase the priority of an audio track within your session?In the Edit window, drag the track up; In the Mix window, drag the track left; in the Tracks List, drag the track up.


  5. True or False: Pro Tools allows you to get all cutesie by changing the opacity of the the color customizations?If you have two versions of a part or track, if both are assigned to the same voice, only the topmost will play unless it has a break in the playlist, then the bottom track will play.