21 terms

Lesson 1-Illinois History & Lesson 2- Illinois Geography

In what year Illinois was discovered from what two people
1673, Joliet and Marquette
Illinois was named after
The first state governor
Shadrach Bond
The three capital cities from earliest to latest
Kaskastia, Vanalia, Springfield
What is Illinois current population
What is the state bird
What are the major industries?
Coal, what, corn, pumpkins
What are the largest cities in Illinois
Peoria, Aurora, Rockford, Decatur, Chicago
What is the climate of Illinois
The Mississippi River creates the boundary between Illinois and what state
Missouri and Iowa
The Driftless Area of Illinois was
Not impacted by glaciers
Chicago is called The Windy City because of the effects of
Lake Michigan
The Chicago metropolitan area is larger than the metropolitan area of what city
The farms in Illinois are known for producing what food
The John Deere Company makes what
Farm Machinery
What river forms the southern boundary of Illinois
Ohio river
What river forms our western boundary
Mississippi River
What two rivers partially the state's eastern boundary
Ohio and Wabash River
What river is known as the "Father of all Rivers"
Mississippi River.
What are four uses for rivers on Illinois
Transportation, recreation, hydroelectric power, natural beauty
What two problems caused by rivers in Illinois
Malaria, flooding