Chapter 1 BIT

Centered Alignment
centers each line of the paragraph between left and right margins
Character Formatting
The process of changing the way characters appear on the screen and in print.
Fixed-Space Font
All characters are the same width, using the same amount of space
the size, style, and design of text
Horizontal Alignment
The position of an object in relation to the left and right margins.
Justified Alignment
a format where both sides of the paragraph are straight
Left Alignment
Text is lined up against the left margin.
one of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas, created when the enter key is pressed
Paragraph Formatting
To adjust the line spacing to add or remove space between lines, indetning lines, or inserting space between paragraphs.
Paragraph Mark
a nonprinting character inserted in a document to indicate where a paragraph ends
The number shown for the text size
Proportional Font
any font whose different characters have different widths
Right Alignment
Text is lined up against the right margin
Text Size
Refers to the height and width of characters, measured in "points."
Word Wrap
A feature that automatically advances text to the next line without pressing the Enter key