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Phonological Processes

Substitution Syllable structure Assimilation
Unstressed Syllable Deletion
omission of one or more syllables from a polysyllabic word
doubling; partial or total repetition of a syllable of a target word
addition of /i/ or /Consonant i/ to the target word
insertion of an unstressed vowel , usually the schwa / ə/ between to consonant
Final consonant deletion
omission of a final singleton consonant in a word as well as a deletion of all members of a final consonant cluster
Initial Consonant Deletion
omission of a singleton consonant in the word initial position; unsual
Cluster Reduction
cluster deletion and cluster substitution
Cluster deletion
2 sounds become 1; partial PCR or total TCR deletion of one or all members of a consonant cluster
Cluster substitution
same # of sounds: replacement of one or all members of a cluster by another sound
substitution of stops for affricates and fricatives
usually /p/ /t/ /b/ /d/
replacement of an affricate - /tf/ /dʒ/ - for a stop or fricative
Velar Fronting
replacment of velars - /k/ /g/ /ŋ/ - by sounds that are made more anteriorly like an alveolar stop t/k d/g n/ŋ
substitution of an alveolar fricative - /s/ /z/ - for a palatal fricative - /ʃ/ /ʒ/
replacement of sounds with an anterior point of constriction by posterior sounds k/t g/d ŋ/n
liquid gliding
substitution of a glide - /w/ /j/ - for a prevocalic liquid - /l/ / r/
substitution of a vowel for a syllabic liquid
labial assimilation
non-labial consonant becomes a labial because of the influence of another sound in the word
velar assimilation
a non-velar sound is changed to a velar sound because of another velar in the word - /k/ /g/ /n/ /w/
Nasal assimilation
a non-nasal sound becomes a nasal becuase of another nasal in a word
alveolar assimilation
a non-alveolar sound is changed to a n alveolar sound because of the influence of another alveolar sound
prevocalic voicing
a voiceless sound preceding a vowel becomes voiced
postvocalic devoicing
a voiced obstruent (stops, fricatives, affricates) following a vowel becomes voiceless
phonological processes
1) syllabic structure process
2) substitution process
3) assimilation process
Syllabic structure process
sound changes that modify the syllabic structures of a word
Substitution Process
one class of sounds is substituted for another class of sounds
Assimilation process
one sound changes to become like another neighboring sound