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verb-Latin-To describe roughly or vaguely; to give a sketchy outline of. To foreshadow; to give an indistinct hint of something that will happen. *To overshadow; to shadow or obscure.


adj-Latin-Known or understood only by a few; mysterious.


adj-Old French-Concealed or hidden; not openly practiced or shown.


verb-Latin-To draw or bring out; elicit. To assume from evidence or facts; to deduce.


verb-Middle English-To understand or comprehend.


adj-Latin-Impossible to pierce, break through, or enter. Impossible to understand; incomprehensible.


adj-Latin-Incapable of being affected, harmed, or broken into.


adj-Latin-Transparent; clear. Calm, untroubled, and serene. *Easily intelligible or understood.


Latin-adj-Clearly apparent or obvious. verb-To show or demonstrate plainly; to reveal. *noun-A list of passengers or cargo on a ship, plane, truck, or train.


adj-Latin-cloudy, misty, or hazy. Vague, without defined form or limits.

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