Epic Korean 3 Chapter 9-1: What performances are there at the festival? 축제에서 어떤 공연을 합니까?

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포스터poster프로그램program학교 신문school newspaper행사event계획하다/계획을 하다to plan붙이다to stick, to attach, to glue소개하다/소개를 하다to introduce인터뷰하다/인터뷰를 하다to interview전시하다/전시를 하다to display정리하다/정리를 하다to arrange, to clean up팔다to sell동안during매년every year매달every month매주every week하루one day이틀two days사흘three days어떤what kind of일이 많다to have much to do일이 없다to have not much to do물론이에요!Of course!재미있겠어요.Sounds fun.나흘four days닷새five days엿새six days이레seven days여드레eight days아흐레nine days열흘ten days보름fifteen days~에 대해about말씀드리겠습니다I would like to talk/present세계world주관organizer온라인online어떤 댄스팀을 초대할까요?Which dance team should we invite?케이팝 댄스팀을 초대해요!Let's invite the K-pop dance team!무슨 한국 음식을 만들까요?What kind of Korean food should we make?불고기가 어때요?How about bulgogi?한복 입기 부스를 할까요?Should we have a Hanbok wearing booth?네, 정말 재미있겠어요!Yes, that will be very fun!이번 축제에서 저희 동아리가 공연을 하는데 올래요?Our club is performing at the festival, would you like to come?네, 물론이에요!Yes, of course!

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